aryan khan: How did the BJP activists get to the narcotics bust? Maharashtra minister questions NCB – ncp alleges bjp officials along with ncb officials when aryan khan was arrested


  • NCP with accusations
  • The PNC claims that the BJP is politically using the BCN
  • Photos of senior BJP leaders standing with them are posted

Mumbai: The PNC has brought serious charges against the BJP for the arrest of actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Aryan, by the Office of Narcotics Control from a luxury ship. Nawab Malik, an NCP spokesman and Maharashtra minister, alleged that a BJP activist was with the officers during the raid on the ship. The PNC also alleged that a vice president of the BJP was involved in the incident.

The NCP’s allegations against the BJP come after several opposition leaders said the NCB had caught Aryan Khan and announced its support for the actor’s son. At the same time, the BJP responded that the allegations were unfounded and damaging. At the same time, the PNC alleges that the names of the person who was with the officials were included. NCP leaders alleged that the man seen in the video with officials while speaking to Aryan Khan had close ties to top BJP leaders.

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“Shortly after the arrest, photographs were taken of the detainees being brought to the OCN office. The name of the person holding Aryan Khan’s hand inside the OCN office was KP Goswami. Photographs of him standing with Aryan Khan. ” I ask. He also alleged that the second person who was with Aryan Khan was a BJP activist.

He said the person who was seen with the defendant Arbas Merchant was named Manish Bhanusali and he was seen on his Facebook profile as the vice president of BJP. He said there were many photos of him standing with BJP leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Devendra Fatnavis on Facebook. He also demanded that the NCB explain why it was at the scene when the ship was robbed. He also asked why outsiders were hired to deal with the high-profile defendant.

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Malik said that Gosavi was a detective in Malaysia and that there were police cases against him. He has close ties with some OCN officials. The PNC alleged that it had visited Gujarat and Delhi on September 21 and 22 and had met with the BJP leaders. He said the BJP was abusing the Office of Narcotics Control to insult political opponents and was using the agency to attack those who opposed the party. He also alleged that the incident of the drug raid on the ship was a total fraud.

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