Ashish Mishra: UP Police May Question Ashish Mishra Today; Lakhimpur kheri under tight security: union ministers son ashish mishra to appear before police in case of violence by lakhimpur kheri


  • UP police under political pressure
  • Criticism of the Supreme Court
  • Summoned again

New Delhi: Union Minister Ashish Mishra, son of the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, is likely to appear before the investigation team today in connection with the death of a protesting farmer in Uttar Pradesh. According to national media reports, Ashish Mishra will be questioned at 11 am. The move comes after the Supreme Court yesterday criticized UP police in the Lakhipur Kheri incident.

Four farmers were killed in a traffic accident in Lakhimpur Kheri when a vehicle collided with a group of protesting farmers. The court ruled yesterday that the incident was murder. The high court had also asked why Ashish Mishra’s arrest was delayed. The delay in filing an FIR against Ashish Mishra has also drawn criticism. However, the police had said that a notice had been sent asking him to appear. Police have also issued an alert in and around Lakhimpur Kheri, where the violence took place.

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The defendant in the case, Ashish Mishra, is the son of the Union Minister of the Interior, Ajay Mishra Theni. The BJP has accused the son of the Union minister of being the culprit in the case before the elections to the UP Assembly. Eight farmers were killed in Lakhimpur when vehicles collided and clashes broke out in the area. The arrest of Congressional Leader Priyanka Gandhi by UP police while visiting their families sparked a major outcry from the opposition. UP’s own chief minister, Yogi Adityanath, has spoken out against Ashish Mishra after the incident turned into a political marriage. In this context, there are some unconfirmed reports that Ashish Mishra could be arrested today.

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Previously, Ashish Mishra was summoned to appear as a witness in the case, but did not appear. However, Union Minister Ajay Mishra had said that his son was not there for health reasons. But after this, the UP police posted a notice in front of the minister’s residence asking him to appear for questioning.

The violence erupted on Sunday during a visit by Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Deputy Minister, Keshav Prasad Maurya, to protest against farmers. Two vehicles collided with a group of farmers protesting on the road. Images of this were also posted. According to the FIR, one of the vehicles was driven by Ashish Mishra. Ashish Mishra, who has responded to the channels claiming he is innocent, has yet to appear for questioning.

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