Ask tough questions, but take the time to answer: PM


  • Parliament engulfed in commotion
  • Prime Minister upon request
  • Take the time to explain

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the media on Monday ahead of the monsoon parliament session. The Prime Minister said that the Opposition may raise difficult questions in Parliament, but that it should have time to respond. The prime minister asked all MPs to ask tough questions.

He spoke to the media before the parliamentary session. The Prime Minister said that asking tough questions would motivate the government to behave courteously. This will strengthen democracy and increase the confidence of the people. The Prime Minister had made it clear yesterday that useful discussions should take place in the Parliament session. The Prime Minister also said that issues that directly affect the people should be discussed at the all-party meeting.

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Opposition groups called for an end to the protests, which began in protest at the government’s decision to reduce the number of Israeli leaders and journalists in the country. Apart from this, the Opposition will raise the issue of fuel prices and the farmers’ strike in the Parliament session. Church proceedings are reported to have been suspended until noon due to the commotion in the church.

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Opposition parties in both houses of parliament have issued notices to raise the chamber to discuss the issue. BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has also demanded that Interior Minister Amit Shah respond to allegations that his phone was leaked to Union ministers.

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