Assam CM burns Rs 163 million worth of drugs; Himanta Bishwa Sharma called it ‘Antyopacharam’


  • Assam CM burns drugs
  • Rs 63 million of drugs were burned.
  • Himanta Bishwa Sharma says action against drugs

Dispur: Assam’s chief minister, Himanta Bishwa Sharma, set fire to drugs worth 163 million rupees. In the past two days, millions of rupees worth of drugs have been destroyed. The Chief Minister shared the image on social media titled ‘Antyopacaram for Drugs in Assam’.

In two days, the drugs were destroyed in four places in Assam. The Chief Minister shared the image on Twitter under the title ‘Antyopacharam’ for drug trafficking in the state. He said drug trafficking would not be tolerated and that was part of the message. He titled the film ‘Anthology of Drugs in Assam’.

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Authorities seized millions of rupees worth of drugs despite Kovid-19’s lockdown restrictions. During the last two months, 18.82 kg of heroin, 7,944.72 kg of cannabis, 67,371 bottles of cough syrup, 1.2 million pills, 1.93 kg of morphine, 3313 kg of opium and 3 kg were seized. of methamphetamine.

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The CM said that drug trafficking will not be tolerated. Only 20% of the drugs were destroyed. Drug trafficking can only be prevented with strong vigilance. Drugs are smuggled from Assam to different parts of the country. Even those who work as part of the government are involved in such transactions. It is my responsibility to prevent drug trafficking. The police are empowered to act against these types of mafias. The goal is to eradicate the drug mafia, ”said Himanta Bishwa Sharma.

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