‘Assassinated democracy’; Opposition against the Center; Protest in Delhi

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  • Leaders against the Center
  • He allegedly suffered harassment in Rajya Sabha
  • Opposition parties protest

New Delhi: Parliamentarians in Congress have vigorously protested against the reduction of the monsoon session. The Congressional hearing on that was exactly where the firing came from. Members of the opposition also lodged a complaint with Rajya Sabha President Venkaiah Naidu.

Opposition groups called for a boycott of the assembly, saying that “there was no provocation to suppress the voice of the opposition.” They made it clear that the central government’s implementation was dictatorial and the measures undemocratic. The opposition demanded that the Center be prepared to discuss key national issues, including the Pegasus phone leak, and accused the central government of deliberately trying to mislead parliament.

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In addition to the leader of the Congress, Rahul Gandhi, other leaders of the Congress participated in the protest, including the president of the PCN, Sharad Pawar, and the parliamentarian of Shiv Sena, Sanjay Rawat. In addition, MPs from the CPM, CPI, Muslim League, RSP and Kerala Congress were also present at the protest. During the protest march, Rahul Gandhi said that speaking to the media outside Parliament was because they were not allowed to speak inside Parliament.

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Rahul Gandhi has said that this is the first time that members of the Rajya Sabha have been beaten and pushed inside. The Rajya Sabha President and Speaker say they are upset. But Rahul Gandhi said it was his responsibility to ensure that the House proceedings were carried out properly.

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