Ayan has been researching ‘Brahmastra’ for 7 years, but people will call it a cheap Hollywood copy!

In 2006, Bollywood coined a superhero in the form of Krish. And, the movie became a huge success. In a nutshell, Krrish 3, which came out of the ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ franchise, also became a huge hit. But, after this, the King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Ra. From ‘One’ to Tiger Shroff’s ‘A Flying Jatt,’ movies like ‘A Flying Jatt’ flopped at the box office. Well, it is very simple to say that Bollywood has a bad numbers game when it comes to successful movies with superheroes. By the way, there is no doubt that the trailer for Ayan Mukerji’s long-time headline-grabbing movie ‘Brahmastra’ has managed to grab people’s attention. The criticism that is being received on social networks about the trailer for ‘Brahmastra’ attests to this.

Ayan Mukerji has claimed to have done 8 years of research to make Part 1 of the movie ‘Brahmastra’ based on the weapons of mythology. And, seeing the trailer for the 300 crore mega budget movie ‘Brahmastra-Part 1’, he seems like he has worked hard for this movie. Ayan manages to balance the story of the mysterious world of weapons with the romance story of real-life couple Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. ‘Brahmastra’ from the beginning of its trailer to the end has managed to show that such a film had not been made before in Bollywood. Because the VFX and CGI images seen in the trailer reminded us of Hollywood superhero movies. And this is where the audience would call it a cheap Hollywood copy compared to Hollywood superhero movies. Do we know why?

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Ayan Mukerji’s hard work can be seen in the trailer for ‘Brahmastra’.

‘Brahmastra’ will compete directly with Marvel

Marvel and the DC Universe have their own distinct identity in Hollywood for superhero movies. The mega-budget of Marvel superhero movies is not hidden from anyone. And it is that, above the budget of Hollywood movies, ‘Brahmastra’ made in Bollywood is in danger of becoming ‘low budget’. There is also the possibility that all the visual effects and CGI were not used to show the ‘Brahmastra’ trailer. Because, for many scenes, the money has to be spent openly. Which might not have been possible in a 300 crore mega budget movie. Well, Ayan Mukerji has taken the risk of launching an Indian mythological superhero. So the move from him can be called the best.

Astraverse vs Multiverse

The Doctor Strange movie from the Marvel Universe franchise, ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’, recently premiered. Ayan Mukerji has also used a similar name to represent the world of weapons. ‘Astraverse’ is a great concept. But, it will be considered as copied. Because it’s been used in Marvel’s Doctor Strange franchise for a long time.

Guarantee of success only if it is PAN India

How much will ‘Brahmastra’ be liked in foreign countries or not? In the current age, it seems more important that the film be pan-India. Well, it can be said that Ayan Mukerji won in this case. By showing the world of weapons from Hindu mythology through ‘Brahmastra’, it has also connected the South Cinema audience. Because, in the South there are also these mythological stories like in the North of India. There will hardly be anyone in India who does not know the greatest weapon ‘Brahmastra’. By the way, the film ‘Brahmastra’, made on the mythology of the Hindu religion, can be considered a box office success after seeing its trailer. Because, in the ‘Brahmastra’ trailer, the magic of visual effects and CGI is in people’s heads.

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