Ayurvedic doctors can also prescribe allopathic medications in emergency situations; Uttarakhand with permission


  • Ayurvedic Doctors May Prescribe Allopathic Medications
  • Uttarakhand government grants permission
  • IMA with criticism

Dehradun: The government of Uttarakhand has authorized Ayurvedic doctors to prescribe allopathic drugs in emergency situations. The Indian Medical Association has spoken out against the state government’s move. The IMA said the government’s action was illegal.

The announcement was made by State Minister AYUSH during a function at the Ayurvedic University of Uttarakhand on the occasion of International Yoga Day. Minister Harak Singh Rawat had said that allopathic medicines could be given to Ayurvedic doctors in an emergency.

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The AYUSH minister said that this decision will help those in the interior of the state. He also pointed out that most of the remote areas are Ayurvedic dispensaries. “There are more than 800 Ayurvedic doctors in the state and as many Ayurvedic dispensaries, 90 percent of which are located in isolated mountainous areas,” he said.

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The IMA, which came out against the decision after the minister’s announcement, responded that the action was illegal. “It is illegal. Mycopathy is presented by the minister. It will only negatively affect patients. Unskilled Ayurvedic doctors cannot practice allopathy,” said IMA Uttarakhand secretary Ajay Khanna.

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The state is likely to announce more concessions today.

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