Ayurvedic Weight Loss Tips: Get Rid Of Excess Stomach Fat, These 9 Things: Simple Lifestyle Changes To Help You Burn Belly Fat Quickly


  • Here are some tips to help you lose weight and burn fat.
  • These lifestyle changes can help remove excess fat from the abdomen.

We all want to control our weight and stay healthy. But most people struggle to lose weight and burn excess belly fat. Regular lifestyle changes can help you lose belly fat and stay healthy.

Lunch and dinner

Aim to eat 50 percent of your total daily calories at lunchtime, as your overall digestion is strongest at noon. Eat the fewest calories at dinner, which should be eaten before 7 p.m.

Carbohydrate consumption

Purified carbohydrates are a big problem if your goal is to reduce belly fat. Reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates and avoid sugary drinks, sweets, pasta, bread, cookies, and fatty foods.

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Fenugreek water to drink on an empty stomach.

In the morning, mix the fenugreek powder with water and drink it on an empty stomach. You can soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and drink that water on an empty stomach in the morning.


Eat Garcinia Cambogia (lemongrass). Enhances taste, improves digestion and speeds up metabolism. All of these help in weight loss.


Include triphala in your diet. Eliminates toxins from the body and rejuvenates the digestive system. Take a teaspoon of triphala powder and mix it with warm water and drink it after dinner.

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Eat powdered dried ginger as it contains thermogenic agents that are helpful for burning fat. Adding dried ginger to hot water can help boost metabolism and burn excess fat. If you don’t have dried ginger powder at home, you can add green ginger to curries and tea.


Regular exercise is another effective way to burn belly fat. You can include yoga and Pilates in your exercise routine.

Hot water to drink

Drink hot water when you are thirsty. Hot water helps you lose weight by activating your metabolism.

Must be chewed

Chew your food well. The digestion of carbohydrates begins in the mouth when they are mixed with saliva. Proper chewing of food helps to grind food in the mouth long before it goes to the gastrointestinal tract. Helps activate the hormone of satisfaction and awaken the mind when the stomach is full.

You can prepare detox cucumber juice

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