Bachchan Pandey is a Paisa Vasool popcorn entertainer, Akshay fans hurt on social media!

There is a huge response for Akshay Kumar-Kriti Sanon’s action-comedy drama Bachchan Pandey, which premiered on the afternoon of Holi day. You can read many reviews of the movie on social media. Critics have found the film to be good on the same ground, calling it the biggest performer of the year so far. All reviewers reviewed on this basis and rated more than three out of five overall. Similar reviews will be found in almost every major major review. Bollywood celebrities have also praised the entertainment content of the film, especially Akshay’s looks and acting.

If you see the reactions of people related to Bachchan Pandey on Twitter, then the atmosphere that is being created in favor of the movie can be called tremendous. A viewer wrote: Bachchan Pandey has been seen. Although it is a pure entertainment movie, but Akki’s (Akshay) work and his appearance is the life of the movie. You can watch this movie for great entertainment. Many scenes in the movie are incredible. Another wrote in praise: Bachchan Pandey is a completely paisa vasool movie. Popcorn entertainer. Akshay impressed you. Kriti you also liked a lot. Congratulations to the whole team.

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Akshay Kumar as Bachchan Pandey.

Some other users wrote that it’s good if the audience who likes Bollywood ‘Liberal Film Makers’ movies doesn’t watch them. There is nothing in this movie for him. Of course, for those who watch movies without an agenda, they will have to see everything related to entertainment. Actually, this is the best mass entertainment movie. It is filled with many funny scenes. The first half is unmatched in terms of action and excitement. Only laughs in the second half. Watching Akshay and Pankaj Tripathi’s comedy, people will laugh while clutching their stomach. Seeing Pankaj Tripathi in the second half, Gujarati people will go mad with laughter.

Bachchan Pandey is directed by Farhad Samji. Her work is also being praised. In addition to Akshay-Kriti-Pankaj, other actors in the film were also praised, including Sanjay Mishra, Arshad Warsi, Saharsh Shukla and Abhimanyu Singh.

What’s going on with the movie on IMDb?

The comments about the film on IMDb are also looking very good. After The Kashmir Files, Bachchan Pandey is the second movie to be released in theaters, for which massive reactions have been expressed within 24 hours. Here the film has an average rating of 7.1 out of 10. More than 14 thousand people have given a rating. Most of the reviews here have also praised it. However, there is no shortage of people who also criticize the film. The only difference is that while critics of Bachchan Pandey on social media make excuses for Akshay’s alleged political leanings, his proximity to Prime Minister Modi, and his Canadian citizenship, most of the criticism on IMDb refers to art. and the creativity of the film.

The complaint of most critics is that there is nothing in the film that has not been seen before. Akshay himself is even seen repeating his old characters. Some have called it a khichdi of all things Bollywood entertainment. In the same movie, in the form of love romance, action drama, you will be able to see everything that is shown as different themes in Bollywood movies.

What is the history of Bachchan Pandey?

The story of Bachchan Pandey, which is told as a new version of Tamil cinema, is very flat. There is a feared gangster named Bachchan Pandey. A girl named Myra wants to make a movie about him. Myra’s friend forbids her to do so. But she disagrees. They both arrive at the Bachchan Pandey area and see the fury of a gangster. There are also many interesting characters in the Bachchan Pandey team. Bachchan’s girlfriend is also Jacqueline Fernandez. But Bachchan has killed him. Why did Bachchan agree to make a movie about himself, why did he kill his girlfriend, etc. All things are shown in the movie?

The trailer and songs of the movie became popular a long time ago. At the time of the trailer itself, funny little scenes of Bachchan Pandey were seen. Based on the kind of reviews coming in, it can be assumed that Akshay Kriti’s film is successful in attracting the audience. Bachchan Pandey is produced by Sajid Nadiadwala.

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