Basavaraj Bomme is the new Chief Minister of Karnataka

Stand out:

  • He joined the BJP from Janata Dal in 2008.
  • Lingayat is a leader of the Hubli region
  • The meeting to elect the prime minister was held on Tuesday night.

Bangalore: Basavaraj Bomme, leader of Lingayat and former Prime Minister BS Yeddyurappa, has become the new Prime Minister of Karnataka. The decision to elect Basavaraj as party leader was made at a meeting of the BJP MLA at 7.30pm on Tuesday.

Basavaraj is the son of former Chief Minister SR Bomme. He joined the BJP from Janata Dal in 2008. The inauguration will take place on Wednesday at 3.30 pm. Basavaraj was reportedly considered for the post of Chief Minister in the interest of the Lingayat community.

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Basavaraj was the Minister of the Interior in the Yeddyurappa government. He is a Lingayat leader from the Hubli region. Kishan Reddy, central observer for the party and Union minister, was present at the meeting to elect the prime minister.

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