batter of dosa: «Cow fat in dosa flour»; ID Fresh Food: id Fresh Food fights against community comments on social media against its products


  • The accusation came from a Twitter account called Srinivasa SG
  • The cake is alleged to be made by mixing beef bones and beef.
  • The company’s employees are all Muslim and have a halal certificate, he said on Twitter.

I hate propaganda against the Bengaluru-based Malaysian Youth Entrepreneurship Institution. The hate campaign on Twitter is against ID Foods, a company that makes idli cake flour.

The accusation came from a Twitter account called Srinivasa SG. From this account it is alleged that cow bones and veal meat were used in various products, including idli cake flour.

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Srinivasa alleges,

“ID Foods manufactures and distributes Dosha flour in shops and supermarkets in Chennai! Did you know that they grind beef bones and beef to increase the amount of flour?” He wrote on Twitter.

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Within minutes of his tweet, he went viral on social media, including WhatsApp and Facebook.

Srinivasa SG, a former Jawan and Indian Air Force businessman, tweeted on September 4. At the same time, he was unwilling to present any evidence to substantiate the accusation. He says on Twitter that he is a proud Hindu / Indian. He did not respond to a request for comment. With this, many people spoke out against his accusations.

The company rejected the campaign

As the tweet and its screenshots went viral, the company rejected the advertising. The company has made it clear through its official social media identifiers that it will not tolerate any propaganda against it. The company has also issued a detailed statement regarding the allegations. PC Mustafa, a young entrepreneur, is the co-founder of ID Fresh Food. The company’s ready-to-cook products, which mainly manufacture and distribute idli and dosha flours, are widely available in various states across the country.

Company’s description

The company said in a statement on Twitter that the allegations circulating on social media were unfounded.

‘Some users have received WhatsApp messages containing misleading and unfounded information about the use of animal fat in identification products. We are issuing an official statement on this due to the rapid dissemination of misleading information.

“The company’s products use only herbal ingredients. ID Idli Doshama uses rice, black sheep, fenugreek, and water. This is completely natural. We do not use animal products in our products’

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Founded in 2005, the company is led by PC Mustafa. He is accompanied by his relatives Abdul Nasser, Shamsuddin TK, Jafar TK and Noushad TA.

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