Being a mother of two daughters, there can also be a strong performance in the sari, Shriya Saran showed the mirror of Drishyam 2

The thriller drama Drishyam 2 directed by Abhishek Pathak is also called as an actor film. A film that has come to life thanks to the excellent performance of the actors who played all the characters. Where there may be main actors, but other characters are important. In other words, a film of this type in which, despite being the central character of the story, the other characters that carry it forward emerge strongly. Either he was given a natural opportunity to emerge or he made his supporting characters appealing with a lively performance. All these characters have settled in the hearts and minds of the public that leaves the theater.

Almost all the characters in Drishyam 2 are like that. It may have been seen in only two or four frames, but it is seen in its fullness. And completely different from the way characters are created to make them attractive in mainstream Bollywood. Despite this, they look more original than the routine Bollywood characters. The main attraction of Drishyam 2 is Vijay Salgaonkar. He stands for Ajay Devgan. Another big attraction this time is IG Tarun Ahlawat. It means Akshaye Khanna. But the other characters may not be great, the magic of Drishyam 2 will be broken as soon as they part. Even if it’s Uncle Martin who runs a small hotel. Shriya Saran is also one of them. Despite that, his character is an important point in the story. She has played the role of Vijay Salgaonkar’s wife, Nandini.

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Shriya Saran and Ishita Dutta in Drishyam 2.

Shriya Saran’s most difficult character in Drishyam understand her like this

Shriya is a great actress. She has worked on many South blockbuster movies. She is also seen in Hindi at an interval of two to four years. Drishyam has become an essential part of the franchise. And looking at her character in the movie, it doesn’t seem for a second that anyone else could do it. In a way, Shriya has lived up to the most typical character in the Drishyam franchise. Such a character that she is not in everyone’s ability to understand. Her character is very layered and brings the image of a traditional Indian woman to the screen. She is less educated, she has unwavering faith in her husband, she is also sad about the neglect, her husband also seems to be neglecting from time to time. But she remains calm. Her husband loves them too. She is surrounded by apprehensions, remains upset and looks nervous. Despite this, they suddenly don’t know where they get the strength to protect their children.

If something adverse happens in a family, then actually all that can be seen in the face and gestures of the head of the family of that house, all of that is seen in the character of Shriya. There was no need for extravagance for her character. What good is extravagance for a good performance? The creators showed her in only saree. She is also the mother of two teenage daughters. One daughter (Ishita Dutta) is taken in gum and the other is born from the womb. But nowhere does it seem for a moment that Shriya doesn’t fit the role of her. Or did she need extravagance like Nandini to attract attention? In a movie and on the most difficult character, a scope was made and it’s really a great thing. Only a master of acting can do this.

It is not a question of dressing, but of showing things as they are in society in general.

When the meaning of acting has changed in the routine Bollywood movies, especially in terms of actresses, Shriya holds up the mirror to all of Bollywood. Bollywood heroines are usually presented as glamorous dolls. The subject is not the dress or the outfit of the heroines. In fact, if she wants to attract the audience by showing her body and not acting through the glamor doll, she will avoid wearing a saree. And even if it is necessary to wear a sari, there will be shenanigans like rain of spikes for showing unnecessary body parts. In general, the original way a woman looks in saree will be shown opposite to reality. Or she won’t show at all. While in the south, the hero looks beautiful in dhoti and the heroine in saree, but he is also seen giving a lively performance.

Drishyam 2 is also a new Malayalam version. In the original movie, all the characters including Mohanlal are seen only in lungi. Nandini’s character is there in a sari even though she is a Christian. Indeed, South’s strength is the hint of local culture seen in her films, which was deliberately missing from Bollywood. That too in the name of false modernity. In the name of the unnecessary blind imitation of the West. While modernity is the most ambiguous word. Can a person be backward just by wearing sari and lungi?

Shriya Saran in a saree is, in a way, a slap on the cheeks for every Bollywood filmmaker. Powerhouse’s performance does not arise simply by changing the heroines’ clothes. The originality of the character and the terrain he stands on – catching him makes the performance come alive.

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