Bell Bottom Box Office: When 50 percent of the audience is allowed in the movie theater, how will the profits be made?

After the Corona epidemic, Bell Bottom, Akshay Kumar’s spy action thriller, was released in theaters. However, there is still a shadow of the epidemic in many areas of the world, including India, and protocols are strictly enforced. Because of this, theaters have yet to open in many areas. Even the movie theaters in metropolitan cities like Mumbai are closed and the premiere of Akshay’s film has not happened here. The Mumbai box office alone gives 30 percent of business to Bollywood movies. Was the right decision to release Bell Bottom in theaters under difficult circumstances? Is box office and movie rotation in favor of the bell bottom? These are the big questions that are being talked about. Along with this, how much did the movie earn on opening day?

According to cinema reports, Akshay Kumar’s total film budget amounts to around Rs 170-180 crore including cost and promotion / promotion expenses. This is also the most expensive movie in Akshay’s career so far. It is also displayed in 3D. Bell Bottom business issues are also important because the film has been released at 50% capacity. There is no program on that also after 8pm. In big cities, people who have seen the two waves of the epidemic up close are still scared. You can’t rule out the fear of going to the theater somewhere in people’s minds. I mean, in box office math, in any respect, the current conditions for the movie cannot be considered a profitable deal. Despite this, the creators decided to release Bell Bottom in the theater itself. Why?

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Despite the closure of the Mumbai territory, Bell Bottom has been released on 1600 screens. According to a Pinkvilla report, if cinemas in the Mumbai region were open, the movie’s screen count would easily have been over 2,500. And that was enough for a movie like Bell Bottom. On an average day, three programs occur on one screen. The film is estimated to have 5,000 screenings on opening day. It’s also coming to light that with audiences heading to theaters, the screen and show count may be better right now. Taking early booking data from PVR, INOX and Cinepolis as of Wednesday, tickets worth approximately Rs 60 lakh were sold through the reservation. In the current situation, it can be taken as a very good response at the box office. Anyway, the ticket prices seem to have increased slightly. At PVR, there are tickets from Rs 112 to Rs 1450. 3D ticket prices are charged relatively high in different cities.

How much will Bell Bottom earn in the first weekend?

Based on estimated figures, the initial Bell Bottom collection may be around 5 million rupees. If the condition was normal before Corona, it would have remained between 13 and 15 million rupees. The good news for the creators of Bell Bottom is that the movie is having a good weekend of about four days. The movie released on Thursday. There is a Muharram holiday on Friday and then the weekly bandh from Saturday to Sunday, Sunday is also the Rakshabandhan festival. From the way that tremendous word of mouth has been done about the film, the film will have a chance to do solid business in three days, Friday through Sunday. Chances are good that the business could grow four to five times larger than on opening day. It is estimated that the film should gross between 50 and 70 million rupees over the weekend. And if this collection comes to light, then it cannot be called a loss deal at all. That is, the lifetime collection of the film can easily cross 150 million rupees through domestic and foreign business. The film has no box office challenge. Akshay Kumar’s movie stands alone on the screens.

From a business point of view, many other things are profitable in favor of manufacturers. Mumbai movie theaters may be closed at the moment, but they are likely to open in September. After the theaters open, Bell Bottom can also be shown there and a good collection can come out. However, things have yet to be officially revealed regarding the Mumbai region and things after that hinge on the Maharashtra government’s decision to open movie theaters. But if there is scope to show the bell bottom there in the next two to three weeks, then the lifetime collection of Rs 150 crore may be more positive than that of the Mumbai Territory. That is to say, also that the film can take the total budget of the theater.

Producers recovered Rs. Crore from Bell Bottom’s digital rights

On the other hand, producers also make huge profits selling satellite, digital and music rights. The amount received in exchange for these bell rights will be a net profit for the manufacturers. Manufacturers are reported to have made good profits selling the digital rights to Bell Bottom. According to some reports, Amazon Prime Video has bought the digital rights to the film from Akshay Kumar. However, confirmed details of the deal have not been disclosed. But in another report, Pinkvilla claimed, citing Insiders, that Prime Video has given 75 million rupees to producers in exchange for digital rights. This is the second highest amount paid for a digital release in Bollywood. Previously, instead of Salman Khan’s Bharat, the producers got Rs 90 million.

When will the bell bottom be activated in OTT?

There is still a lot to clarify regarding the Bell Bottom OTT launch. But so far, four weeks after a movie’s theatrical release, the respective movie has aired on OTT. That is, the film will be available on OTT from mid-September. Bell Bottom is directed by Ranjit Tiwari. Aside from Akshay, Vaani Kapoor, Adil Hussain, Lara Dutta, Huma Qureshi, and Anirudh Dave have all played major roles in the film. Corona may have broken the back of movie theaters, but Bell Bottom is emerging as a commercial winner under difficult circumstances.

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