Best Hindi Film About Amitabh Bachchan’s Kala Patthar Tragedy

After nearly four decades, Amitabh Bachchan brought an old movie into the discussion by mentioning it. In fact, while sharing some images on a social post, Amitabh said that 42 years had passed since his movie Kala Patthar was released. The story of Kala Patthar shows the accident at the coal mine and the subsequent rescue operation. He also recounted that before joining the cinema, he worked for a company in Kolkata for the coal mines in Asansol and Dhanbad. This was his first job. Kala Patthar is an incomparable film in Amitabh’s career. Although it is also seen on the chain and the wall link, there was not much discussion about it.

Kala Patthar arrived on August 24, 1979. It was produced and directed by Yash Chopra. The script for the film was by Salim-Javed. He composes the trilogy with Kala Patthar, Zanjeer and Wall. This trilogy gave Amitabh the status of the first angry young man and then superhero in Hindi cinema. A film hero so vaporous that he carried within him the ocean of all life’s oaths. And when the tide of the sea rose within him, the voice of millions of young people became the movie screen. So much magic that the younger generation started loving Amitabh like crazy and never broke the chain of audience that came to the movie theater for Amitabh. The powerful scripts for all three films were written by the Salim Javed duo. These are the films that turned Bollywood’s Nehruvian romantic current upside down. And the face of the hero of Hindi cinema changed.

Aside from Zanjeer, Deewar and Kala Patthar were multi-star movies. Shashi Kapoor played the supporting hero role with Amitabh in Deewar. While there was also an army of stars on Kala Patthar. It featured the trio of Shashi Kapoor and Shatrughan Sinha with Amitabh. If we look at all three movies, the character of Amitabh is seen in the same tone. A young man full of legitimate anger, a character who struggles with difficulties. As much as he is a character who struggles with the outside world, almost the same struggle also occurs without interruption in him. Under his burden, he cannot express his feelings openly. You feel awake for centuries. With a strange silence, the smile on the expressions of the three Amitabh characters is temporary.

Some say that Amitabh Bachchan imitated Al Pacino in all his films. The author cannot claim that Amitabh imitated or was inspired by Al Pacino. Because the character decides the story and the scriptwriter and gives him the direction, the director. Legendary actor who played Michael Carliani in a world classic like Al Pacino or God Father. By the way, before Al Pacino’s Godfather 2, Zanjeer had arrived. But those who have seen the Godfather and Amitabh trilogy, must have seen its effect somewhere in Amitabh. Al Pacino became famous for playing the role of Bad Man on screen. The style of speaking with the eyes, the silence in the face, but the one who is seen speaking silently, the face away from the smile, the characters in which Amitabh is shown seem to be inspired by Al Pacino to some extent or quite . By the way, Al Pacino shook movie lovers around the world with his mighty junkie role in The Panic in Needle Park in 1971, long before Amitabh became a superstar and the Zanjeer-Deewar-Kala Patthar trilogy. There is a possibility that actors from all over the world have been influenced by it. Why it happens.

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Kala Patthar was inspired by a real incident

Well, the comparison of both actors is something else. As far as Kala Patthar is concerned, he will stick with the best Amitabh movies. Although it did not achieve massive commercial success compared to Zanjeer and Deewar and did not impress critics as much. But from watching the movie, it’s clear that despite the abundance of stars in Kala Patthar, Amitabh stole all the lime light based on the performance. While he was accompanied by veteran actors such as Shashi Kapoor, Shatrughan Sinha, Rakhi, Nutan, Parveen Babi, Prem Chopra, Prem Nath and Parikshit Sahni. There were many nuances in the characters of Shashi and Shatrughan. Kala Patthar is probably the first Bollywood film to be made about an industrial tragedy. His story was inspired by a coal mine accident near Dhanbad in which large numbers of workers died due to flooding in the tunnel.

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Amitabh Bachchan in Kala Patthar. Author of the photo.

The blame on Kala Patthar that follows Amitabh

Actually, Amitabh’s character in Kala Patthar is that of a merchant marine officer. His family origin has been of brave soldiers. A maritime accident occurs. The ship is in danger of sinking. Due to much pressure from his peers, Amitabh abandons the ship, although he did not want to. The ship does not sink. There are many problems in society from the incident. They are labeled runaways and cowards. There is humiliation. At home, the father also receives a strong reprimand. Things become such that even after loving Amitabh, he is unable to express his position. Leaving everything with a gold, he works as an anonymous laborer in a coal mine. Some do not speak. They live quietly and have no contact with the old world. Gilt continues to chase Amitabh. Amitabh was not a coward. Coal is dangerously mined for commercial profit. Seth does not listen to anyone and the workers work forced to die.

Kala Patthar is the best film about tragedy in terms of emotion and drama.

What was feared would one day happen. An accident occurs in the tunnel and the water begins to fill up. Many workers are trapped in it. Amitabh has the opportunity to get rid of the golden one and tries to save the workers by risking his life without giving any explanation about his golden one. Other characters also help in this work. The lives of many workers are saved, but many become the victims of a seedy death by drowning inside the tunnel itself. Amitabh manages to remove the humiliating stain on himself and his family. There is tremendous drama and emotion in the movie. Especially in the second half to the end. All the movies that have been made about tragedies in Bollywood so far, except to some extent The Burning Train, there is no emotion like Kala Patthar in all of them. Many rescue scenes inside the tunnel are emotional. Technically, there weren’t that many resources at the time, but many rescue scenes and methods don’t seem fake. Ek Raasta Hai Zindagi, Jagaya Jagaya, Meri Door Se Aai Baraat, Baaoon Mein Teri are all from Kala Patthar.

If it were released today, how much would Kala Patthar earn?

Kala Patthar, which premiered four decades ago, is estimated to have made more than 6 million rupees at the box office. The movie was a success. If we look at the movie collection on the basis of 2020, it is estimated that the Kala Patthar collection would have been around 135 million rupees. Although the Zanjeer collection, which arrived six years before Kala Patthar, was very high. Zanjeer had done a business of over 17 million rupees at that time, which to this day is still around 500 million rupees.

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