bhajans in karnataka church: Bajrang Dal activists enter the Christian church and perform bhajan; Authorities deny conversion accusations: some members allegedly broke into a makeshift church in the hubbali district of karnataka


  • He entered the Christian church accusing him of proselytizing.
  • Activists from Bajrang Dal-Vishwa Hindu Parishad entered the mosque.
  • Police said they have launched an investigation into the complaint.

BANGALORE: Hindu activists from Bajrang Dal-Vishwa Parishad stormed a makeshift Christian church in Karnataka on Monday on charges of conversion. On Sunday October 17, NDTV reported that a group of men forcibly entered the Byridevarkoppa church in Hubbali around 11 am.

A group of people entered the church and performed bhajans and prayers using loudspeakers. They reportedly entered the church claiming that conversion was taking place in the church. BJP MLA Arvind Bellad has demanded the arrest of Pastor Somu Awaradhi, who is in charge of the church. The MLA-led highway was cordoned off demanding arrest action.

Both sides have filed a complaint with the police following the controversy over the invasion of the church. The Bajrang Dal state convener, Raghu Sakleshpora, alleged that Viswanath, who was brought to the church for conversion, had lodged a complaint with the police station. He filed a complaint against Somu and his accomplices. He said that after this we went to church and entered and offered prayers and bhajans. Meanwhile, Raghu Sakleshpora said they were harassed by the pastor.

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Viswanath has stated that he was harassed by the gang. Meanwhile, Pastor Somu and his companions sought treatment at the hospital. They allege that they were beaten and injured by those who entered the church.

Church officials have denied any wrongdoing in the church. The pastor filed a complaint with the police seeking charges of assault against recognized castes and tribes and a deliberately malicious attempt to hurt religious sentiments. Hubli-Dhadwad Police Commissioner Labu Ram said a complaint had been received from the pastor and a detailed investigation had been launched.

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Authorities have denied allegations of proselytizing in the church. “Pastor Somu intervened when a group of people entered the church and began to sing. There was an attempt to assault him. At that time, there were people, including women,” said Cedric Jacob, a high-ranking member of the church.

The Karnataka government had decided to list the number of Christian churches following allegations of proselytizing led by Christian missionaries. Backward classes: The Assembly Committee of the Department of Minority Welfare is counting the number of Christian churches that follow the complaint.

Officials said the survey was being conducted to count the number of churches operating illegally in the state. Deputy district commissioners and various government departments have been directed to conduct the survey. Gulihatti Sekhar, chairman of the committee and a BJP MLA from Hosadurga, told the Times of India that the decision to count the number of churches was based on complaints that conversion was rampant in Karnataka. The survey is being carried out to investigate complaints that forced conversions are rampant in parts of Karnataka. He added that there are around 1,790 churches in Karnataka, including in his home district of Chitradurga.

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