Bharat Jodo Yatra proved once again that Congress is at the root of all problems in India! Bharat Jodo Yatra once again demonstrated

Before Narendra Modi became Prime Minister, did you see all kinds of political, social and economic problems in the country? This is a big question that is raised many times even unintentionally under the guise of Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra. Medha Patkar, famous for social movements, also covered some distance with Rahul Gandhi. Questions are being asked and should be asked. Also because Medha or all activists like her have proven to be democratic through several definitions and movements at the same time. At that time only Congress was on target for it. All the arrangements also hit their target, over which the direct and indirect control of Congress becomes visible. Not only Medha, there are dozens of such faces in the yatra, whose identity is supposedly due to social movements. I don’t know what the exact purpose of the movement was, but except for them, all faces become very ordinary in a second.

For two consecutive terms, no effective control of Congress by the power of the Center is observed in any part of politics. Congress has also been cut in every state in the country. Winning new states is a long way off, no one can even guarantee that the states where they are currently in power will return after the next election. Frustration, anxiety and a stampede are clearly visible in Congress and related forces. There are also strong efforts, in which everyone has stood together leaving localities aside. And there are innumerable contradictions behind joining them, which become a valid reason for the question. These like-minded forces are small leftist parties, civil society, NGO celebrities, India’s best and most honest international journalists, some film stars, writers, academics who believe in leftist ideology. Various types. Is this a high profile union? That he is working on the instructions of some forces for some interests and his aims should actually be anti-India.

I’m not installing anything. There are fears. In the Indian tradition, after all, things are evaluated that way. Correct, incorrect, good and bad are identified only like this. The questions are tested. So how can the questions that arise from the Bharat Jodo Yatra be ignored?

Rahul Gandhi Medha Patekar. Photo- courtesy of Bharat Jodo Yatra mango.

In fact, as long as Congress was at the center of power or its politics were powerful, which used to influence things, during that time were these forces seen working against Congress? Think about when the bloody Naxalism/Maoism started in the country, who was in power? The young people who lived in the neighborhood of the leaders became revolutionaries in ideological disguise and Netaji’s sons became university professors, authors of large editorials, NGO faces, international journalists, secular activists and savoring the cream of corporate institutions sitting back in the democratic system. employees with It is a matter of pondering that at what time did the killing of tribals in Chhattisgarh/Jharkhand/Odisha etc. start? in the name of ending Maoism? The left, which used to make Congress drink water for these things, today sees India doing “mischief” in pairs. With what mouth are the social activists who oppose the alleged repressive action like Operation Green Hunt and Salwa Judum in Buster and Dantewada supporting Rahul Gandhi’s shoulder today.

After all, why not accept that it was really a mixed sociopolitical ‘game’ by the left and Congress? There was a strategy. An illusion of distrust, fear was created and the powers were kept in their hands entangling people in it. years years So there is no question why India was left behind after exiting along with China or other countries. Why is his speed unnatural? Until 1995, India looks back even from Pakistan in all definitions of modern development. And together with the leftist parties, a question should also be asked of the former leaders of the left and social activists who sympathize with them: tell me what democracy was that?

Today North East has a different image. What was the situation there just eight years ago? The situation was no less dire than in Kashmir. There, too, a wall of mistrust and confusion was erected. Despite the fact that today there is a deafening silence in the Northeast. But Kashmir itself seems stubborn despite all India’s positive efforts. Why not believe that the North East was treated as a ‘colony’ by some governments? Describing the situation there as anti-India, the electoral politics was made by showing fear of dead bodies and bloody incidents in the rest of India. Why the problem that was there was actually not solved, this can be asked of all people today. It is your responsibility to respond. Rajiv Gandhi’s government, elected with a huge majority, the entire judiciary, the entire system bowed to a handful of street maulanas. In the Shahbano case, just for not giving compensation of five hundred rupees. And at the same yatra, Rahul Gandhi was seen promoting the burqa holding hands with an underage girl. It was Congress that turned Maulanas into the rampant hot cake of politics. For the sake of appeasement, the BJP is not even capable of honestly questioning Owaisi? Worse motive and ideology than Owaisi.

What price has India paid in the policy of Muslim appeasement? You can’t count. But on the trip, Allama Iqbal, the mastermind behind the partition of India, was hailed as a hero. The way PFI defended himself: the results of him can be seen on the back balloon even before reaching Kashmir after passing the yatra. Take the Mangaluru and Coimbatore terrorism cases, and this is a very delicate matter. See who again and again from all angles. Which was addressed late and in a very irresponsible way by the national media. If you want, you can read the whole thing by clicking here. And that too quoting Agodi media.

Congress now opposes all plants passed during his tenure. Years later, on a visit, Congress understood that it was a mistake and that it was damaging the environment. Civil society had been unanimously opposed to plants. Somewhere less protest, somewhere more. The contradictions of civil society and the left over Enran and Kudankulam also tell an interesting story of international connections. So why not believe that the side and the opposition that were visible at the time were actually a trick of the eyes and that the images of Bharat Jodo Yatra are enough to remove all the fog? Because of the division among the Hindus, at the behest of which the Veerashaiva movement took place in Karnataka and the south and how Gauri Lankesh created the background to divide the Hindus, that too in a story that she considered a myth. How did the myth suddenly come true, comrade? It was very unfortunate that Gauri Lankesh was killed. Her mother also accompanied Rahul on the trip for some time. Why?

All civil societies including Prashant Bhushan continued to accuse the Indian Army of bullying in North East and Kashmir. You should come and say that in eight years what operation did the army carry out in such a way that the entire Northeast became peaceful. People from Tamil Nadu and Punjab will also visit the more remote areas of Nagaland. People must be watching the videos coming from the northeast. The news keeps coming from there. At least Lalu Yadav and Nitish must wonder why the Biharis corpses are not now coming from the northeast. And how did this miracle happen?

Whose contribution was it to the lawlessness that flourished in Punjab in 1984? Did the congressional government there first let things go to waste and when the situation got worse, treated her worse? Sikhs were killed all over the country. Sorry, the workers in Congress were behind all the atrocities of the Sikhs and it has been made clear. It was not a Hindu-Sikh fight. It was a fight between the Congress and the Sikhs. The country has paid a high price for it. And be prepared to pay even more. Citizenship Act, for the farmers’ movement, those who rioted in Delhi for months as Sikh sympathizers: what are those faces in the Bharat Jodo movement doing? What was the need that led Rahul to a radical like George Poonaiah in Tamil Nadu? Poonaiah, who is always seen standing on a dividing line under the guise of Tamil identity.

Medha Patekar is sometimes seen besieging the Gujarat government on behalf of opposing the Gujarat riots, sometimes on behalf of an environmental activist. And sometimes even directly contesting the elections. She now she came on the trip too. what is this? And was there a congressional media instead of the Godi media ten years ago? So there was no fact checking. Journalists/writers who are sympathetic to the Bharat Jodo Yatra, who criticize the Modi government every morning and receive awards from the same Modi government in a ‘transparent’ manner should also say which outlet they were part of eight years ago. This is direct policy and it is clearly visible that everyone has been working for Congress only. Is there any argument on the basis of which it can be said that, in fact, the main cause of all the riots was not the Congress and the team? And with what faith and hope can people empower Congress. He did not mention the Ayodhya Ram Mandir dispute. Everyone knows the role of Congress. There are innumerable cases that are enough to put Congress and those who see themselves with him on the bench.

Rahul Gandhi and all his supporters may be considering it as Bharat Jodo Yatra. But this Bharat Jodo Yatra is not visible in any case. The way the Yatra is trying to create divisive problems for economic, social, political and religious reasons, its consequences can be dangerous. Unfortunately, flashes of him have started to appear. In fact, it is not the longing for change and change, but the pain of moving further and further away from power.

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