Bhojpuri Music: Talk about language, obscenity and moral burden.

You will see that society places the heaviest moral burden on the heads of the poor and the weak. You look down on the poor cookie-stealing kid at the grocery store, but you don’t notice the cookie company theft. When you see a loving couple in a park who have not been able to find a secluded place for themselves, all moral standards seem to be turned upside down, but you do not resort to institutional attempts at exploitation until you have to bear the pain yourself. There are endless antonyms for such a social reality.

We seek concessions for ourselves from strong people and we tire of weak ones. He who is strong is not only ignored by social morality, but is encouraged by society itself to such relaxation. After all, what lender have you seen atonement for the fact that they tried to get the most profit at the time of someone’s greatest need? On the contrary, you can also take pride in having ‘helped in time of need’. Now imagine the situation of a one-time loan defaulter and the opinion of society about it. Such an idea is not difficult. The moral principle of the system in which we live has been created by cultivating this inverse.

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Whatever the criticism, one must speak of obscenity in Bhojpuri music.

The moral criteria of modesty and pornography are also determined in the same way. Less and better. You must have seen that the local language / dialect is often said to be obscene. Especially the popular form of that language. If you take the example of Bhojpuri, the matter will become very clear. Some Bhojpuri singers continually sing obscene songs and take responsibility for those singers, almost the entire Bhojpuri community begins to feel ‘ashamed’.

Such a class, which constantly makes creative efforts in its language, also wants to make its “moral rectitude” immediately clear on such an occasion. He is burdened by this moral burden that he should not be treated like him. There can be many other reasons for doing this, but it is amazing to present an ethical explanation. You can also see the same situation in journalism. When some example of bad journalism comes up, the poor young Hindi journalist comes first and says I’m ashamed.

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Sometimes the matter of being ashamed as a language, sometimes as a state, sometimes as a community has become a tradition to tell the weak. You will not see the Punjabi community be ashamed of the songs of Badshah and Honey Singh, you will see less, Bollywood will not be ashamed of the song ‘Mere Paas Nahi Kya Raja, Chhukar Dekh Badan Ye Aa Jaa’ every day, Do not be ashamed of the English who have earned immense wealth from journalism Veteran journalists will not seem embarrassed.

You can see that Bollywood people shame these English for being ‘Indian’ sometimes, but there are different reasons for that. on that sometime again. Furthermore, the English now openly doubt that Hindi speakers are human beings. It is interesting that the one with the most power, the most influential, the one who benefits the most, not only cares about social morality, but also creates an environment such that the larger community below him is shrouded in a rigid veil of morality. .

Live with a feeling of guilt. Mark yourself as a community that is doing something wrong. Because of this, the full burden of moral cleanliness falls on him, the blame for ‘spoiling’ society and the responsibility for correcting it must also fall on him. The system can only continue like this, it is happening. So Bhojpuri songs shouldn’t contain vulgarity, shouldn’t they be criticized? It should be done. But you shouldn’t blame it on your forehead. Not even in the community.

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