Bhoot Police Review: Saif-Arjun’s movie is entertaining, why focus on other things?

No establishment is universal about the existence of ghosts, spirits, and vampires that everyone can trust. Abundance, the spirits claim and trust the experience. There are many who believe just because they believe what they have heard about ghosts. I mean, there are ghosts. What are ghosts like? People have their own definitions. Scientific evidence completely rejects these things. However, in some questions, even here they do not get answers and silence is taken as a matter of confusion or investigation.

Naturally, this is a topic that everyone seems to be interested in. During the last few years, serial work is being done in Bollywood. Previously, pure horror movies were made, which almost glorified the existence of ghosts by directly acknowledging the existence of ghosts. Now existence is not rejected, but new endeavors are on the horizon. The Bhoot Police, which airs on Disney Plus Hotstar, is the most recent result of those efforts. An attempt has been made to show the principle of accepting and rejecting ghosts in a light comic style. Simply put, it is the establishment in the ghost police that ghosts exist, but there is a lot of publicity about them and lies and hypocrisy behind many popular stories.

Bhoot Police is the story of two young tantric brothers who make a living practicing tantra in the name of ‘Ultra and Sons’. Live like a gypsy. He has inherited Tantra Sadhana. Unlike his father, Baba was also a famous tantric. To carry on the tantric legacy, he has given a book to the youngest son whose language is mysterious. Vibhuti (Saif Ali Khan) is the older brother and Chironji (Arjun Kapoor) is the younger brother. The older brother is a hypocrite. Create ostentation and deceive people. The ghost does not believe in ghosts at all and due to people’s fear, collects money through the system. Like Vibhuti, there are more tantric hypocrites. While younger brother Chironji believes in mystical powers. Even in the father’s book. But you haven’t found the key to read the book’s code language. He repeatedly says things to make his father practice honestly. Police Inspector Chhendi Lal (Javed Jaffrey) is on a chase trying to trap the two brothers in an old connection.

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Meanwhile, Vibhuti and Chironji meet Maya (Yami Gautam) and Kanika (Jacqueline Fernandez), whose tea business is badly affected by ghosts. The workers do not work after the afternoon due to the kitchen and the whole business is paralyzed. Kanika covers everything and talks about moving abroad. Maya is sure that Vibhuti and Chironji can do the same tantric measurements that Baba had once done with Maya’s father. He doesn’t want to leave his father’s legacy. On the other hand, Chironji has the key to read his father’s book. But after arriving at the tea factory, Vibhuti makes a mistake that was once solved by his father. If the tea garden is truly haunted by ghosts, Chironji is able to figure out whether Vibhuti’s belief about ghosts changes or not, why Kanak wants to sell everything and go abroad, and why Chhendi Lal is haunting the two brothers. You must see the movie to know. There is also a note from Abraham Lincoln that would be better understood through the movie.

Speaking of the texture of the ghost police, this movie is not for logic. Made for entertainment and meaningful in that regard. Despite the old horror-comedy formula, a freshness can be felt in Bhoot Police. The tantrics of the ghost police look quite modern, they are not scary. He wears a basic jacket, speaks English, and has a modified touring car. There are many jokes and punch in the dialogues. It is good to see and hear. There is a lot of glow and light in the ghost police. Where horror was necessary, it appears in the traditional way. There is not much drama in the name of Chillam Po and Horror as seen in other movies. The emotion is also fine based on the proportions. Overall, director Pawan Kriplani has made good use of balanced horror and comedy. It’s easy to guess about the movie, but there are no times when the movie gets boring. It keeps him tied up until the end. This side of the ghost police is the most beautiful.

Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Kapoor, Yami Gautam and Jacqueline are in leading roles and they have done the job well too. But it is said that if an artist has made different preparations for the highlight or the film, then it is not visible. Especially Saif Ali Khan. Saif’s acting and comedic timing take a peek into the past. Saif’s comic style in Bhoot Police is similar to the flirtatious and ‘innocent hypocrite’ that has been seen in many films thus far. The good thing is that its fun style is not boring. Also because there is no margin to find much logic here. Rajpal Yadav, Girish Kulkarni, Jamie Lever, Amit Mistry have also done a good job in the supporting cast. Amit has passed away. This is probably his last movie.

The Bhoot Police songs are Sane Hain Nahi. There was a song that was not shown in the movie. Anyway, nowadays songs are not used in movies or used very little. Also, in the ever-changing age of cinema, the importance of songs is no longer visible.

Ghost Police can be a good option in terms of entertainment. You should see.

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