Bigg Boss offered Riya Chakraborty 35 lakhs, but why did the actress refuse?

Hearing the name Rhea Chakraborty Bigg Boss 15, people’s ears are raised. They just want to know, oh what happened now? No-no, they are not worried about Riya, they just want to have fun. Those who burn in the fire of hatred often do this. They want to troll Riya. At the same time, there are some people who are still looking for disaster opportunities.

Taking Riya as a contestant on Bigg Boss 15 was just one shot. Now she alone was enough for TRP. Riya could have been harassed every day at Bigg Boss’s house, people would insult her, but this is what people want. Bring controversial face and get fame.

In the name of the death of actor Sushant Singh, a lot of spectacle has already been created in the past. If Riya had been a part of Bigg Boss, she would have been provoked every day by questions related to Sushant Singh. In such a situation, Bigg Boss does not have to worry about his TRP.

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Why did Riya, who was looking for a job, turned down Bigg Boss 15

Actually, Bigg Boss 15 will start from Gandhi Jayanti, that is, on October 2. It was heard that every effort was made to bring Riya to the most popular reality TV show, Riya, on this show. So the manufacturers also offered him a rate of 35 lakhs per week, but Riya refused.

Everyone knows that Riya is looking for work, so it won’t be easy for her to leave the Bigg Boss show, but she has dashed the hopes of the creators in a flash and refuses to put up with hatred. Riya understood what they would ask her to pay in exchange for this money.

Actually, Rhea Chakraborty wants to go back to work, but not at Bigg Boss. She is looking for work in Bollywood and South in relation to work. He is in constant contact with the producers. Although offers are being received for some movies and web series, nothing has been finalized at the moment.

Riya has faced the hatred of the people since her name appeared in the Sushant Singh drug case. He was also questioned then. Even before going to Bigg Boss 15, Riya had become the most controversial contestant, maybe she got it. Although she was earning 5 to 6 lakhs of rupees a day for Bigg Boss 15 and could have become the most expensive contestant, she turned down the offer.

Actually, with Riya’s entry into Bigg Boss 15, the show’s TRP would have skyrocketed, but she had to spend about three months on the show. In such a situation, many revelations between Riya and Sushant could have come to the fore. Apart from this, other members of Bigg Boss 15 also stayed behind to tell Riya more about Sushant.

Riya’s entry was a great TRP stunt for the show, but she would have to face people’s hatred. She has already suffered a lot. In such a situation, she also saw her own good in avoiding the show.The actress, who was looking for work, must have turned down such a big offer with one thought …

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