Bihar MLA: MLA wearing only underwear during train ride; The passengers protest; Finally explanation: bihar mla gopal mandal was seen wandering around in his underwear while riding a train


  • Train ride wearing only underwear
  • Fellow passengers in protest
  • In the Bihar ML controversy

New Delhi: An MLA from Bihar who traveled by train wearing only underwear is in controversy. Gopal Mandal, a JDU MLA, was involved in the dress code controversy. During the Tejas Rajdhani Express journey from Patna to Delhi, the MLA passed through the first-class air conditioning compartment wearing only naked clothing.

The incident took place on Thursday. This was questioned by other passengers and the dispute escalated to the brink of extortion. The Railway Police (RPF) and the ticket examiner intervened.

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The English-language news channel India Today reports that the MLA was causing a stir when the passengers questioned it. The MLA had treated his fellow travelers badly, insulted them and threatened to shoot them.

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“The fellow travelers complained about the behavior of the MLA. The police and the ticket examiner persuaded both parties,” said Rajesh Kumar, director of public relations for the East Central Railway.

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One of the passengers, Prahad Paswan, said he had complained when he saw a man wearing only underwear on the train. The complaint was filed when one of the passengers was seen riding the train in his underwear. I didn’t know it was an MLA from Bihar, ”Paswan said.

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But Gopal Mandal was insulting his fellow travelers and trying to assault them. They informed the RPF after threatening to shoot. The MLA was transferred to another coach after the arrival of the officials.

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Meanwhile, the MLA arrived on the scene with an explanation after the incident became controversial. According to the MLA, he had a stomach ache during the trip and was only wearing underwear as a result. Gopal Mandal claimed that he only wore underwear to go to the bathroom. His friend also said that the MLA was diabetic and was going to Delhi for an emergency. He said it did not happen as Prahad Paswan had said. .

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