Bittu’s mother and Banaracas’s wife, difficult to live together, difficult to leave!

You don’t know… Hey, ‘Bittu Ki Mummy’ knows everything. The same ones you’ve seen on ‘Sony Live’ in ‘Gullak Web Series’. Actually, the mother of this Bittu is in all the localities. She that she keeps suffocating people’s noses. Bittu’s mother, of whom the boy of each house is jealous, because she is the maximum religion of him to take his complaint to his parents.

Bittu’s mother has the power to cook anyone with her words. Hearing her voice, the family members want to lurk in her house. They avoid getting in front of them, because they are very angry with her words. Her makeup is still dazzling, they are the ones who go out with dark glasses even at night to look dazzling.

Makeup is still their spearhead apart from this their playful nature and chatter like the sweetness of potato chaat and rabri… if blood comes out of the ear then it’s not their fault…

After seeing them in ‘Gullak’, we must have remembered that aunt who lives near us and who keeps the news of everything that happens in the colony. Bittu’s mother is the one to tell that if she fell off the ladder, she can at least take an hour to tell it comfortably. Looking at the resplendent nature and gestures on her face, she can easily tell what she is talking about.

Bittu’s mother and the woman from Banaracas are the same aunt who neither stays nor goes

Every day he comes to the neighbor’s house asking for something. In which Chinese is the first number. Actually this is his excuse because they have to carry the news from each house. You can also call them mobile radios. These are the ones who have knowledge of all the subjects of the world. If someone gets sick, Bittu’s mother knows everything about what to eat, what to drink and what routine to follow. She can comfortably talk to you about politics, sports, movies, science or any topic. In terms of fashion, the answer is no. Her loan account also runs in the hall. These are the ones that do not withdraw money after eating golgappas.

Nothing has come out of your mouth in front of Bittu’s mother who, she begins to express her opinion about it. She also burns her neighbors and shows them love and family. She considers herself a superwoman in everything, so she also brings cow dung in her bag for the worship of Satyanarayana. If you are about to do something and Bittu’s mother finds out by mistake, then she will do it before you, even if it is to take prasad?

Bitt’s mother is the same local chick who takes the gibberish out of you and beats up the whole town. Those whom you can send to the moon in the name of getting free goodsShe fights with anyone and does her job first, even if it’s to get injections at the hospital… She shares her free knowledge wherever she goes.

To make her point, she also does her husband a lot of wrong. Like how many times they are suspended, in fact they are considered intelligent but they walk and walk even if it is a little walk from their mind… they sneak into the house and arrive in your bedroom and kitchen. They also know what food is prepared in your house and how many beeps the kitchen gives… Every time they pick up your full cylinder and give you their hospitality.

It is not that he is a villain, in fact his nature is something like that. She also comes to comfort you in your misery and also to break into your personal life...She actually laughs so much that you don’t understand her real laugh…even after doing so much she’s your best friend. She can go to dinner with you if she gets confused in her conversation. They are not ashamed of anything and your day cannot be complete without seeing them every day.

It is actually Bittu’s mother’s fear that people will change course upon seeing her. No brother, it’s not that Bittu’s mother is a criminal or bites humans with her teeth, but the way she talks happily with juice, if someone listens even with her eyes closed, you will feel like watching that scene used to be.

Bittu’s mother is the one who does all the facials in the salon and she advises you to do all of these too. She says we have an account here and the bill blows up in your name. She also wants to prove the wrong point of her very skillfully. You have seen the form of Bittu’s mother, now let us also meet the aunt of ‘Krantidevi’ from Panchayat 2. That she is one step ahead of them.

There is no bite for Kranti Devi’s aunt, Banaras’ mischievous wife.

Yes, many townspeople are upset with Banarakas aka Bhushan from ‘Panchayat 2’ series showing on Amazon Prime. He goes ahead to find fault with everything. In a way, he can be called the village villain. He will face the head of the village, Manju Devi, in choosing his wife.

Therefore, he is seen in the role of opposition at every turn. His only wife is Kranti Devi. Who dreams of becoming the Sarpanch of the town. He now he imagines what will be the nature of those in whose name there will be revolution. Now she is the wife of Benaracas, so there must be some effect of her husband.

Kranti Devi is the one who quickly gets angry about everything. They are made with someone from the locality. She doesn’t even talk to some houses. She does not impose herself on anyone. She considers herself the smartest woman in town. She feels jealous of her neighbor. They make sesame palm on every little thing. She also shows up at the temple and wants to worship first. The husband may be the grandfather of the village, but she still bows to him. No matter what happens, she also gets to fight on behalf of her husband. Kranti Devi is that local chick who doesn’t like to bow down in front of anyone.

Who, together with her husband, harms the local women. She considers herself big and the others small. Which is loaded with full gold decorations at any wedding or function because they have to be shown to people. She will do anything to keep her nose up in front of the local women. Then, if she wants to donate the largest amount or set up a tent for worship. She considers herself the smartest and most beautiful person in the entire colony. They know how to spoil people’s pain. People want to stay away from him.

Who fights with people over every little thing. Who wants to seize every opportunity. Who can go to any lengths to keep the feud going, even if it’s a case of sneaker theft? Those who are ahead in blaming themselves Sharif and others.

It is the same self-centered aunt who does not consider any other woman in front of her. No one can have a better saree than her saree. And if the lipstick is applied on the teeth along with the lips, then declare it as a new makeup trend. In general, she considers herself full of all the qualities, in which she cannot be lacking.

Who does not know how to be happy in someone’s happiness. That he is dear for the life of her husband. Who gets all her tantrums raised by her husband. That she complains about the local women to her husband and makes them fight. Who can get to any point to win the fight. Who makes a plan to avenge her humiliation. Those who work to incite people against someone. She keeps threatening everyone in town on behalf of her husband.

By the way, both characters have been played by Sunita Rajwar. Without which every town is deserted. These are the ones we can’t live with and don’t want to live without. If this is not there, then the whole town is deserted. No news from anyone anywhere. Whether it is Bittu’s mother or Banaracas’s wife, no one can say what will be happy and what will be sad. It is also a bitter truth that we can get irritated with them but we cannot live without them…

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