BJP minister demands 100 rupees for selfie Usha Thakur demanded money


  • The minister said money will be raised from those who take selfies.
  • Madhya Pradesh Minister Usha Thakur said this.
  • The minister’s statement was made in a function.

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Minister Usha Thakur has said she will accept money from those who take selfies with her. During a function in Khandwa on Sunday, Usha, who is also the Minister of Tourism and Cultural Development, said that those who want to take selfies must pay 100 rupees. She told BJP workers and leaders about this.

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The minister said there was a growing demand for selfies. “Giving away selfies is very time consuming and often hours and delays at pre-arranged events. With this, it has been decided to charge 100 rupees to those who want to take selfies. The money raised in this way will go to Prime Minister Narendra’s PM Care Fund Modi, “he said.

Those who want to take selfies must pay Rs 100 in possession of the party treasurer in charge of the respective constituency. Money received in this way will also benefit the organization. It is not necessary to receive bouquets of flowers at ceremonies. Instead of flowers and bouquets, books are enough. Then they can read and study. The minister said that since Goddess Lakshmi resides in the flowers, the flowers should be delivered only to Lord Vishnu.

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The minister told party workers that the book should be given away instead of the bouquets. Usha Thakur is a controversial leader who has never worn a mask before. She was controversial in saying that she would not grieve with Kovid because of his prayers and adorations.

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