BJP MLA on Afghanistan: Those who are afraid of living in India can go to Afghanistan: BJP MLA – Those scared in India go to Afghanistan, says bihar bjp mla

Stand out:

  • It’s a joke that gasoline is cheaper in Afghanistan
  • Women suffer in Afghanistan
  • Mention that India and Afghanistan will do the same if precautions are not taken

Patna: BJP MLA Haribhushan Thakur has said that those who are afraid of living in India and criticize the government can go to Afghanistan. He also scoffed that gasoline and diesel were cheaper there. Haribhushan is the MLA of the Bisfi constituency in Bihar.

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Those who are afraid of living in India can go to Afghanistan. Once there, the value of India can be recognized. There is a law even in the forest. But women have no rights in Afghanistan.

The BJP MLA was responding to a statement by Samajwadi Party MP Shafiqur Rehman comparing the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan to the Indian independence movement.

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He said that the situation in Afghanistan would not affect India, but that Indians should learn from the events in Afghanistan. The BJP MLA warned that India would face the same fate as Afghanistan if it was not alert.

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