Black fungus for those who do not have covid; No symptoms; Doctors Warning

By Shehina Hidayat

The incidence of black fungus or mucormycosis is reported to be higher in those unaffected by Kovid. According to the Times of India, it is more prevalent in Rajasthan and neighboring states. Of the 3,471 muchromycosis cases reported in Rajasthan alone in the past three months, 477 were not positive. State health experts say this is about 14% of fungal cases. Doctors want to find out why cases of black fungus occur and what causes them. Muchromycosis is caused by fungal infections of the body’s pores in people with HIV, as well as in people with immunodeficiency, cancer, and diabetes. Rajasthan Sawai Mansingh Medical College Director and Controller, Dr. KS Sudhir Bhandari told the Times of India. “When I spoke with colleagues in Gujarat and other states about how black fungus was affected without Kovid, I learned that black fungus had been similarly reported there as well.” – Says Bhandari. It has been observed that the level of sugar in the body of Kovid sufferers increases and the immune system decreases. In patients, black fungus is observed without symptoms. Before Kovid, only a maximum of four or five cases were reported per year. – The head of the ENT department of a private hospital in Rajasthan, Dr. Tarun Ojha told the Times of India. Doctors who performed the surgery at SMS hospital also found that black fungus was increasing in those unaffected by Kovid. “In our ENT department, 12 to 15 cases of black fungus were reported just before Kovid, but the number of cases has increased significantly since then. We discovered that uncontrolled diabetes is the main cause of mucomycosis, ”said the professor at Hospital SMS (ENT). Pawan Singhal said. Of the 3,471 cases of black fungus, 2,582 are under treatment. 563 were cured and 178 died. 148 people were discharged from the hospital without medical advice. Mucosal mycosis or black fungus is a fungal infection that affects people with weakened immune systems. With the onset of the disease, the ability to fight the germs that cause the disease decreases. Health experts say the disease can affect people with multiple diseases, who undergo organ transplants, and people with malignancy (abnormal cell division). ****

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