Black Panther wins record, but the height shown on 483 screens is going to surprise!

More than half a dozen films were released on OTT and theaters on Friday. Despite this, trade pundits kept their eyes on only three films. These were: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Hollywood), Ukhta (Bollywood), and Yashoda (South, Pan India). The box office of all three films has come to the fore. It can be called excellent. There is a great glimmer of hope in this for Bollywood as well. Although the winner is Marvel’s Black Panther at the Indian box office. Black Panther has managed an opening of Rs 12.50 crore on the first day. The start that the Hollywood film has achieved can be described as brilliant in all respects.

Even before the launch, there was great anticipation for the successful franchise and 75,000 advance-book tickets had been sold as of Wednesday. Business experts had assumed that the film would earn Rs 12–14 crore on the first day at the Indian box office. And it happened almost like that. Despite this, Rajshree Pictures’ heyday has performed much better than expectations due to its legacy and a fresh new story. The film has achieved an opening of Rs 1.81 crore on the first day. Interestingly, due to the huge rush of old and new movies in theaters, the interesting film by Amitabh Bachchan, Anupam Kher, Boman Irani and Danny got only 483 screens in the Hindi belt.

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Amitabh Bachchan in height.

Despite this, the compilation of the film seems to be testifying to the acceptance of its content among the audience. It should also be noted that along with fewer screens, height-limited shows were also on display. There were reports of shows starting after 11am. High profits in all mid-range movies must have filled Bollywood with excitement. Consider the high earning best ever, Samantha Prabhu’s medical thriller Yashoda has also been released in India in Hindi and all other Indian languages ​​including Telugu. But on the first day, Yashoda made a global deal of only Rs 3.5 crore. Although this collection will not be considered bad according to the scale.

Kantara’s magic in the fifth week, case study is the movie business

At the moment, at the box office, that also the most amazing feat in the Hindi belt can be seen in the Kannada industry’s Hindi dubbed movie collection Kantara. The fifth week of Kantara Hindi kicked off in theaters. On Friday, the film brought out a remarkable collection of Rs 1.25 crore. The total gross of the historical word of mouth based film has reached 71 million rupees. Surely this amazing and magical collection should be considered. In fact, Kantara also airs on OTT for a week. Despite this, it is attracting the audience in theaters, so it must be assumed how wonderful its content is for the audience.

The height of the screen will increase, also showing; Word of mouth will benefit

The way Altitude has done business on day one against expectations, it’s definitely seeing profit in the days ahead. Prior to this, if you look at the screen count of Bollywood movies that were in the mid-range, then the tall collection is much better than them. Amitabh’s previous films (Jhund and Goodbye) were on more screens, but his earnings were less than that. It is natural that theaters should give more screens to match in view of audience attraction. The height display was also increased. The reason for this is also that the content of the movie has been highly appreciated in almost all the reviews. Audience response has also been in favor of the film. Don’t be surprised if you see a significant increase in movie earnings on Saturday and Sunday. It may be that this long-aged film may prove to be for Bollywood in difficult times. Anyway, the reputation of the Rajshree banner in the audience is tremendous. And the banner has also produced historical Bollywood blockbusters so far.

Height was directed by Rajshree’s Suraj Barjatya after a long time. The story of the movie is actually about four friends. There are four friends: Amitabh Bachchan, Anupam Kher, Boman Irani, Danny. Danny wishes to go to the mountains once. But he dies. The three older friends decide to undertake the arduous journey to Mount Everest to pay their last respects to their friend and have his ashes buried there. However, considering the age of the three of them, it is a difficult, dangerous and deadly job. What they do to get to Mount Everest Base Camp is shown in the film’s story. It goes without saying how tremendous the story of the film is.

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