Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh who did nude photo shoot is men’s ‘Urfi Javed’?

Along with Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, famous Big Boss actress Urfi Javed is currently making headlines. A bold image of Urfi Javed with Ranveer Singh’s nude photo shoot is becoming increasingly viral on social media. After this, people started comparing Ranveer and Urfi to each other. Even Ranveer Singh has been called ‘Urfi Javed’ by men. By the way, Urfi is often up for discussion due to her weird dress sense. She is often seen in a daring dress. But Ranveer was one step ahead of him and had a nude photo shoot. Everyone is shocked to see the photos of her. Because no actor has done a photo shoot like this in recent years. Yes, in the 90’s Govinda, Aditya Pancholi and Pooja Bhatt did those photo shoots. But it was also heavily criticized at the time. Like Ranveer is happening right now.

Ranveer Singh and Urfi Javed’s mood is similar in many ways.

After Ranveer Singh’s nude photos went viral, Urfi may not have stayed with Javed. This is why she also took the bold photo shoot of herself and shared a video on Instagram. In this you see the actress naked. She has covered her private parts with red rose petals. Not only this, she applied soft brown and pink eyeshadow on her eyelids and applied bold pink lipstick on her lips. In this way, she has gone to great lengths to make her look sassy. After this video went viral, people say that when nude photos of actresses like Urfi Javed, Sofia Ansari and Anjali Arora don’t hurt men’s feelings, then how did Ranveer hurt women’s feelings? Actually, people say this because a case has been registered against the actor in Mumbai. Ranveer has been said to have hurt women’s feelings.

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Watch Urfi Javed’s viral video…

Here’s a ruckus after Ranveer Singh’s photo shoot. People protest against him from the road to social networks. In Indore, people have taken to the streets against Ranveer. It is written below the nude photo of him, “My clean Indore has decided to remove the mental garbage from the country.” People here say that Ranveer Singh will not be allowed to play with the children’s future for cheap popularity. He is a youth icon. He is loved by millions of young people. His photo shoot will have a negative effect on those young people. This type of nudity will not be tolerated. Even protest is fine, but in Mumbai even his arrest is being demanded. The sections under which the case against him has been registered, if proven, then the sentence of 5 years is set.

Watch the video of the Indore protest…

Ranveer Singh and Urfi Javed aren’t being discussed together just for bold or nude pictures, but in many ways they both seem to be of similar mind. Especially when it comes to dress sense. Urfi is often seen wearing an atrangi dress. Every day a photo of her or a video of her goes viral, in which she wears a dress that no one else can wear. Like him, Ranveer is also known for his strange dress sense. The combination of style and color of his clothes is such that people are left with their hands on their heads after seeing them. Many times people even joke that they come with the clothes of his wife Deepika Padukone. This is the reason why he is often trolled on social media. People fiercely troll Urfi because of the way he dresses. This is why they are both making headlines right now.

We inform that Urfi Javed is a resident of Lucknow. After schooling from there, he did a master’s degree in mass communication. After this, he moved to Mumbai to pursue a career in acting. In the year 2016, she made her debut with the Sony TV series ‘Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania’. After working here for a year, she worked on the Star Plus show ‘Chandra Nandani’. After this, she played the character of Aarti in the Star Plus series ‘Meri Durga’. In the year 2018, she worked on SAB TV’s Saath show ‘Pheron Ki Hera Pheri’, Colors TV’s ‘Bepnaah’ and Star Bharat’s ‘Jija Maa Aur Nandini’. In the year 2020, I had the opportunity to act in ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ and ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ke’. Despite working on so many series and shows, he got his true identity from Big Boss OTT. Recently, he was included in the list of most searched celebrities on Google.

Said memes are shared on social networks about Ranveer and Urfi.

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