Bollywood Rejected – South Gave Love, Will Tamannaah Come Home With ‘Babli Bouncer’?

Tamannaah Bhatia was born into a Sindhi Punjabi family. The family is rich and lives in Mumbai. Her father is involved in the diamond business. Seventeen years ago, she made her acting debut with Chand Sa Roshan Chehra. It was a Hindi movie. In this, she was cast alongside an actor named Sameer Aftab. The movie was not mentioned. I don’t remember if it happened or not. Tamanna’s dream was to become an actress. It is natural for a girl who grew up in Mumbai to dream of Bollywood itself. But many dreams do not come true. She got the first movie and her dream of settling in Bollywood was almost a dream. She though she must have made a lot of effort.

Tamannaah’s second Hindi film was almost eight years in the making. No one’s attention was directed towards him. While between the first and second Hindi films, he played big and small roles in some 27 Tamil and Telugu films in the south. Many of them are big hits in Tamil and Telugu and there are also some of those movies that were remade by Bollywood. Despite this, Tamanna was never noticed by any Bollywood producing directors. When his second film alongside Ajay Devgan came after eight years, he unfortunately faced severe criticism for the film.

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The movie was Himmatwala. For the first time his name was taken in Hindi. But all the critics were very strict with him. Just the following year, his comedy-drama Humshakals also arrived. Entertainment along with Akshay also arrived in the same year. Tamanna’s bad luck will be said that his name was not taken positive for both films. The amazing thing is that when the Hindi film industry was almost being shunned or ignored, this girl was climbing the ladder of success in the south at the same time. The big acclaim that Tamannaah got or positively discussed, that movie was actually from the Telugu industry – Bahubali. The film of him alongside Prabhas was also released in Hindi and for the first time, there was quite a stir in the Hindi belt regarding Tamanna.

Another thing is that Bahubali gave great recognition to the actress but there was no enthusiasm for her in the Hindi film industry. As before, Tamanna’s activity remained in the South itself. However, almost seventeen years after her debut as an actress, it seems that Tamannaah is receiving her long-awaited homecoming from her in Hindi. Today the trailer for her Hindi movie ‘Babli Bouncer’ has arrived. Madhur Bhandarkar, who makes movies other than masala stories, is doing it. Tamannaah plays the title role in Babli Bouncer. The backdrop for the film’s story is a village in Haryana. A town whose gorillas are famous. But the mail gorillas. Babli, a girl from the village who is cool and has completely different thoughts. How she becomes a goalkeeper is perhaps an attempt to show this story in Madhur’s film.

You can watch the trailer for Babli Bouncer below:

Aside from Babli Bouncer, Tamannaah has two more movies on the line. Bole bracelets and plan A and plan B. Although both films will be released next year. Babli Bouncer will stream directly on OTT. There is talk of it streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar. From Priyanka Chopra to Kareena Kapoor to Kangana Ranaut, Madhur Bhandarkar’s films have a different identity. Madhur’s Babli Bouncer may prove to be a better film in his race to establish himself in Ghar Wapsi, ie the Hindi industry. The film will be released on September 23.

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