Bollywood stars should change their campaign strategy if they are to survive…

It should not be questioned that facing the film industry in the South, Bollywood is currently facing many kinds of crises and their effects will last for a long time. No one else is responsible for most crises but Bollywood itself. The Hindi film industry has experienced tremendously over the last two decades. His cinema has also become more global. Despite this, the Hindi industry knowingly and unknowingly made many mistakes, showing a victim of overconfidence in the same period. The point where he is stuck today, no one would have imagined. Now I am breathing hard to get out of the crisis. The proviso is that they leave Aamir, Salman, Shahrukh, even stars like Akshay Kumar and John Abraham appear to be fading in the competition.

Akshay Kumar has been Bollywood’s best-selling star for the last eight years, especially after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister. In recent years, due to the nationalistic image, John Abraham also seems to be gaining the same confidence. But the case study of The Kashmir Files versus Bachchan Pandey and RRR falling on the wrong side of the attack proves it: Stars whose stardom still seems to be floating around is temporary and protected by “lack of choice.” Allu Arjun’s Pushpa is also enough to stop the 83 cricket saga without a sound.

The crisis in Bollywood is comprehensive.

Actors responsible for disparaging the public hate challenge against Bollywood

Bollywood may fall victim to the misconception that it will not compete with the big movies from the south and will succeed in the middle of the road, but how many days and how many movies will it survive direct competition? From ’83 to Jersey, no Bollywood film has competed. Despite a sure window search at the box office, it was unsuccessful. Whereas the southern films reaching the Hindi belt and their PRs do not outperform Bollywood films in any competition. But it was traditional and didn’t have the ability or the motive to influence the sound, which would have negated the “popular hatred” against Bollywood movies and some stars.

Take a look at the interviews of stars from the South and Bollywood actors. The southern stars answer in the native language unless the question is asked in English. And that’s because it speaks directly to your audience. This is somewhat similar to how all congressional leaders used to make announcements related to the poorest and most backward people in English only until a few years ago. I have also seen some social posts from RJD related to Bihar in English. These people don’t know what kind of language they were trying to convey the message into. In Bollywood, if stars are asked a question in Hindi, they start speaking in English as they speak. They can still impress a pure cosmopolitan audience, but that doesn’t extend their reach, which is essential to their profession. It disconnects them from the roots. This tradition is not too old in Bollywood.

kgf-2-tickets-free_6_042322065401.jpgYash in KGF 2.

There is a difference in profession between a leader and an actor, how close the actor is to the audience.

Just as a leader must be visible according to the thinking of his people, in the same way an actor must also be visible according to his audience. Anything can happen in the life of an actor. But his public demeanor, language, and dress must take into account his audience’s acceptability. Bollywood beats the South in this very thing. Different performance and conceit is seen in the appearance of Bollywood stars. His public demeanor also seems to vary according to people’s height. Fictionalally, for example, the sentiment expressed by Shah Rukh-Akshay towards Amitabh Bachchan is different for Annu Kapoor in her public dealings. Ranveer Singh’s bandage cannot be called normal. Lifestyles of Bollywood Stars From the photographs of their personal lives, it doesn’t seem like they are also part of the same India they make movies for.

Bollywood did a lot of experiments in public relations. The tradition of bringing movies into the spotlight with gossip, controversy and sensational claims is a very old one. The stunt was meant to garner media attention. But all these things also have a limit. To get ahead in the competition, there was such a PR hoopla that it made the stars stand out. He imagines that a Bollywood star arrives a decade ago and declares, citing her religion, that the country has no environment to live in. Today, when the situation seems to be religious hysteria, but does not have the ability to say. The statement that gave you a corporate advantage in public opinion yesterday may give you a loss today.

He never raised his voice about the rudeness and barbarism of some religions since primitive times. Even if he poses, the selective focus of him is clearly visible. The internal structure of religions also did not comment on issues of gender and caste. But one of them raises a question mark throughout the system when Yakub Memon is suddenly hanged in the night. It’s a matter of personal preference here. He forgets that this country gave rise to two refugee religions of the world in two thousand years and they still live in complete freedom mixing even today, while their number is only a few thousand. If one of them had not come here, there is absolutely no doubt that the Parsis in and around the Gulf countries would have been just one of countless tribes, civilizations and languages ​​that have perished there.


Bollywood stars are isolated from their audience

Bollywood stars did not adequately fulfill their responsibility towards society. She even promoted intoxicants like alcohol and cigarettes for money. She showed favor of profit in politics. Akshay-Ajay Devgan are also excellent examples of this. Disputes were sold and headlines were occupied by appealing to private religion, caste and race. In the South, the actors did not hesitate to do politics directly. But swimming he did it by drowning and he also reached many places. Bollywood actors became a weapon for politics. Someone benefited one party by contesting elections and another by giving statements. In fact, they advanced with the help of an idea and an image. They didn’t even know its consequences. Bollywood stars were in a fantasy world. He even stopped talking, considering himself inferior to linguistic media. After this, the period of written written interviews began, which continues to this day. Whereas, what were society’s questions regarding him, he didn’t want to accept it. In a one-sided dialogue, he ended his attachment to his audience.

On the other hand, see how the PR of the actors in the South is working. Following the success of Pushpa, RRR, and KGF 2, see the efforts of the southern stars in the current political climate. Saying nothing saying nothing, the images of his fast and traditional festivals present him as a cultural warrior from south to north.

Today the genius is standing in front. After drug cases, dirty talks, unnecessary statements, some suicides, people have made it a personal matter and are ready to protest against them on social media. The current political current has also given him a theoretical shield. He now he has become the idea of ​​the majority. If Bollywood stars don’t change their PR and campaign strategy on time, they will hardly survive. Right now there are only a few films coming from the south. The crash is not directly visible. But the way other Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada producers look to the Hindi belt: a series of pan-Indian movies from the South will start in the North. In this situation, it will be impossible for Bollywood to find a safe window. The ‘moral watchdog’ is already sitting on social media to ruin the rest of his Gulshan.

The sooner Bollywood fixes things, the sooner their existence will be fixed. Now people are beginning to understand the timeline of giving air. It’s not just a matter of changing content.

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