Bottle gourd toxicity: this is the experience of Tahira Kashyap, the actress who was in ICU after drinking churayka juice – tahira kashyap shares how she landed in ICU after consuming bottle gourd juice


  • Tahira shared a problem she faced while drinking churakka juice.
  • What to look for when consuming cumin juice?

Churka juice is known to reduce obesity and good health. There are many people who simply drink the juice from the stomach. But it can also have adverse effects on the body if it is not prepared properly. Famous writer and artist Tahira Kashyap has shared with fans about such a mistake. Tahira, who is also Ayushman Khurana’s wife, shares all the important things in her life on social media.

Tahira also shared this with fans to show how dangerous it can be to invite an issue that is handled so lightly. Tahira writes on her Instagram that despite the bitter taste of churka juice, which is good for her health, she ate it in ignorance. The other side of the coin is the fact that I had to stay in the ICU for 2 days for this reason.

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How does churka become toxic?

Churka can be poisonous if not eaten correctly, creating a dangerous level of blood pressure in the body. Churayka is widely accepted as an excellent vegetable that can provide energy to the body but at the same time dissolve accumulated fat. It is also used to control high cholesterol and sugar levels.

So where is the problem?

So where is the problem? Using raw lentils often leads to these types of problems. Also, keep in mind that if it tastes bitter, it will definitely be poisonous. Juice made from good juice never tastes bitter. But Tahira Kashyap’s mistake was to misunderstand that the bitter taste of churakka juice was natural. He drank all the juice, believing that it tasted bitter because it contained a lot of vitamin C. He was admitted to the hospital the next day because he felt bad after consuming it.

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Dangers of eating raw:

Many herbal juices are available on the market with the label of reducing obesity and providing essential minerals for health. But these packaged juices made from raw vegetables are extremely dangerous. They are made with a variety of chemicals to keep them intact for a long time. Therefore, consuming these juices is worse than good.

The best way is to use it cooked only, even when it can be prepared at home, rather than in packages. It is perfectly healthy to cook it and consume it in soup form without adding anything else. Especially in the case of Churakka. If not cooked, the tetracycline triterpenoids or the courbitcins it contains can be harmful to the body. It can also cause many problems, including digestive disorders.

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Symptoms to watch out for:

Many people make the same mistake when they think that vegetables are completely healthy and that eating them raw will provide them with more nutrients. Seeking immediate treatment as soon as this happens will prevent the condition from getting worse. Self-medication can make the problem worse. Therefore, if you notice any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

* Inability to breathe

* Severe pain in the abdomen

* Diarrhea

* Fatigue

* Vomiting blood

* Uncontrolled drop in blood pressure

* Bleeding when defecating

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