‘Boycott Bollywood’ is actually Ravan-Dahan of Hindi film audience

The destruction of demonic tendencies is the eternal process. And it is not that demonic tendencies have a defined geography, country and profession. It is possible everywhere. Where there are good things, all personal interests give rise to bad things. If there are bad things, there will also be their ruler or owner, surely ‘Ravana’ is the lord of all kinds of injustice, evil and exploitation. Ravana is Dashanan. He neither has a face nor a form. The question is simply whether or not there is a continual destruction of bad things. If the Vanar Sena of the common people is standing in the fight against the bad things. Bollywood is vast, powerful and capable. There are many merits in it, but that is why the evils have also made a home. There may be many Dashanan overlords of demonic tendencies.

It’s only natural that Bollywood’s Dashanan has immense power. And in all the Boycott Bollywood campaigns, there are ordinary people without resources trying to annihilate the demonic tendencies of the Ravanas. Rama and his forest army were also under-resourced and mediocre. The good thing is that Ram’s army destroying evil and evil in Bollywood is not looking a single finger behind his campaign. Bollywood’s Ravana is bowing. they are falling apart. they are crying The pot of their great sins of lies, illusion, arrogance, drug addiction, theft, coercion, injustice, oppression has been filled. Boycott is the destruction of such Ravanas.

Ravana’s role in Adipurush.

Bollywood fabricated all things with the help of ‘lies’, Choose dozens of Bollywood movies based on love Indo-Pak. Watching these movies, it seems that some Indian leaders do not want the relationship to remain normal. In Pakistan also some politicians and terrorists do not want things to be normal. It was shown in such films that people from both countries think backwards and are close to each other. In Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Main Hoon Na’ and Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Hindustan Ki Kasam’, the high-ranking military officers of both countries want to sweeten the relationship between the two countries. All of Pakistan unites to help Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Have you ever seen things like this? So what is the need to glorify such lies?

Bollywood masala films based on lies are being made at a time when not a month goes by without Pakistan-funded terror attacks from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The innocent are not being killed. The corpses of the martyrs are not arriving from the valley in different parts of the country. But Ravana of Bollywood movies doesn’t know for what purpose he is seen putting a sheet of humanity on things to change public opinion in the country. Without getting tired, without stopping and continuously.

In the 90s, some big production companies had done wonders. Like Ravana, who was expert in ‘Maya’, even in Bollywood, elusive things are seen. After the attacks on the Twin Towers in the United States, a special community was filled in the prisons there. He was also allegedly harassed. Such attacks on India were common for years. But Shah Rukh Khan brings a film and presents a victimized image of India’s Muslims: ‘My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist.’

See also John Abraham’s New York. Is that movie giving a message to American Muslims or Indian Muslims? Collect all the other great movies of this era. There will be a lot of Mayan. Seeing them, you will feel that the Ganges of prosperity flows everywhere in India. The hero-heroine is seen as a citizen of the world. Whereas that period is such that people are destitute due to poverty, inflation and political corruption in the country. But the Mayans of Bollywood created such a web that people couldn’t even interview the reality of the time in their movies.

On the one hand, Kashmir is being massacred for religious reasons and Bollywood is doing ‘Hina’ (Rishi Kapoor) and Fana (Aamir Khan). In one movie a great love story is shown in India Pakistan and in the second movie a terrorist is portrayed as a romantic. Can’t this be called the strength of the elusive power in Bollywood, which is seen in an attempt to change things through Maya?

in that too ‘Ego’ crushed in demonic vanity In such a way that those who ask questions are asked what are you going to do? Those who raised doubts in the industry reached the brink of starvation. Not knowing how many careers people had finished and not knowing how many people had to put the leash of slavery around their necks. If you don’t like our movies, don’t watch them. From the producer and director to the actors, they work in Hindi, but it’s hard to get the Hindi words out of their language. Publicly, a particular population is being ridiculed in public. They are being defamed. Look at any star in the South. A star like Rajinikanth is also seen speaking Tamil in Tamil Nadu until he is asked for an answer in another language. Bollywood stars who eat roti in Hindi are also embarrassed to speak Hindi.

and them ego base as ravan How hollow is it? Theft and poor quality copy. If this isn’t kidnapping, then what is?, Dozens of Hollywood movies were stolen in the name of art. The songs are being stolen. Music is being stolen. It is doing arbitrariness. In Bollywood itself, they are making accusations of theft against each other. It is true that it is sold in the name of art as great. From the link to the national awards, the seal is being put on the works of theft. Ravana’s Lanka where there is no one to challenge him, no one is going to ask questions. Mandodari, Meghnad, Kumbhakarna – disagree but depend on Ravana, so how to leave him? Sitting empty in Bollywood will not fill the stomach. The Kumbhakarn also know their consequences, but they are seen saving Ravana from Bollywood.

The movie is being made with money from the underworld. The ‘coercion’ of the underworld was Ravana’s coercion. Why was Gulshan Kumar, the founder of TSeries, assassinated? What was his mistake? He just drew the talents from all corners of the country. Dozens of tongues thrown into garbage cans that became the object of hatred, people avoided public dealings, made it an art and a commercial form of diamond. Musical bhajans of songs for a religion took the form of a movement among the masses. Songs and music also did not allow movies to be the instrument of the elite and also destroyed the control of the elite in one fell swoop. Gulshan Kumar’s murder is not a minor incident in Bollywood.

Can’t nepotism be seen as an injustice? Ravana had also been blinded by his sister’s insistence and followed the path of injustice. I don’t know, many capable actors’ paths were closed in Bollywood. Simply because some families and communities continue to dominate the entertainment business. No new people came. Even if you come, on the abbot’s terms. Like slaves. Live in whatever space he gives you. Don’t think beyond that, no matter how skilled they are. On the contrary, their sons and daughters are being given opportunities even though one fails at the other. This injustice is not just Ravani. Isn’t it the oppression of demonic tendencies that instead of giving jobs, there was an endless cycle of sexual exploitation in Bollywood? Just a few years ago, when Tanushree Dutta wept over her pain, the pus from all over Bollywood began to ooze. Those faces also came out with stains that could not be believed: you write to the brutes. People considered all faces to be holy. The misdeeds of the saints filled the entire country with disgust. What to say about drug addiction? What did people not see after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput?

And looking at the endless demonic tendencies of Bollywood, it seems right that a large portion of the audience advocates the annihilation of Ravana in the form of Rama’s army in Bollywood’s Ravana. And Boycott gives the slogan. from Bollywood. Look at the democratic strike of Ram’s simple monkey army – the nectar of Bollywood’s Ravanas has run dry. But they are not dead. keep an eye. Every time the demonic tendencies rear their heads, they will have to be crushed again and again.

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