Brahmastra – a movie made in 400 CR needs a bikini in at least 200 CR, who will buy the OTT right!

The way the custom of hitting the collection of movies earning 100 or even 125 crore in Bollywood was not visible for Karan Johar’s banner: ‘Brahmastra’ by Dharma Production. Despite that, the film has achieved many important benchmarks in the ‘Brahmastra’ business figures shared by the filmmakers. They cannot be called minors in any way. It’s more of the ‘Na Bhooto Na Bhavishyati’ type in Bollywood history. A Bollywood movie crosses the Rs 200 crore mark at the worldwide box office in just three days. They also earn Rs 150 million in just three days on the domestic market, but the producers do not seem to be proud of their collection and promotion. Not only Brahmastra, it has also not been seen in the history of Indian cinema. The creators of KGF 2 and RRR shared all the benchmarks of the collections. Even the Hindi business of Telugu’s Kartikeya 2 was heavily promoted, which only cost a few million rupees.

I mean, the creators also seem to raise the sky above their heads for a decent collection. If the claims were true, what is the secret behind such silence about a blockbuster like Brahmastra? The creators shared the worldwide earnings figure of Rs 75 crore on the first day. Until the advent of advance booking reports and figures, it became common to argue that something was wrong. Kangana Ranaut has told him to be fake. However, Dharma Productions refrained from sharing record figures to be proud of after first day earnings. Whereas it was like a slap in the face for those who run a negative campaign. I don’t understand why Dharma Productions, which issues pre-order requests almost every day, seems to refrain from revealing the film’s “magical” and “remarkable figures” now?

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Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are a couple in Brahmastra.

Why are celebrations for the success of Brahmastra avoided?

What’s wrong with the mold? If the movie has earned over Rs 300 crore, it is definitely a cause for celebration. Not just for Dharma Productions but for all of Bollywood. In the difficult situation after Covid, the process of such gain should not end in Bollywood. The Sri Lankan cricket team has won the Asian Cup. But the celebration there is such that his team has won the World Cup. Bollywood also needed a similar celebration. But for the first time in Bollywood, the blockbuster hit party is almost nil. Why so silent brother? Almost all trading pundits are still running only ballpark numbers. Today will end the first week of the film.

In this way, the producers’ share of theater profits will continue to decline. In this way, with the passing of days and weeks, the profit share of the manufacturers will also decrease. Made on a budget of over Rs 400 crore, the film faced historic opposition from the audience. This was what it looked like. But the producers say that against this the film also gained a lot. If a movie that also earns Rs 200 crore in three days from Bollywood, then there is no harm in believing that its ‘amazing content’ has been liked by the audience and the tremendous attraction of the film remains. That is, it can be said that after causing a sensation in theaters, there will be a fight for the OTT rights of Brahmastra.

When Aamir can ask Rs 150 crore for Lal Singh Chaddha, why not Rs 200 crore for Brahmastra?

If we look at the reports about the OTT rights of RRR, KGF 2 and even Lal Singh Chaddha that came out this year, then Karan Johar and Brahmastra from the team should get at least more than Rs 200 crore in exchange for the OTT rights. After all, when Aamir Khan can ask for 150 crores for the big shitty movie “Lal Singh Chaddha”, then Karan Johar gets less than 200 crores for Brahmastra, so let’s assume this is to underestimate Ayan’s excellent Shahkar Mukerji. Aamir had asked for 150 million rupees, but no one was willing to give him even 100 million rupees. 50 million rupees were offered. That too with conditions. Pan India RRR reportedly got Rs 350 crore and KGF 2 also got Rs 320 crore in exchange for OTT rights. Even an Indian historical drama like Brahmastra is worth at least 200 million rupees.

By the way, no official updates have been revealed from the creators regarding the OTT rights to Brahmastra. Some reports said that Disney Plus Hotstar has the OTT rights to Brahmastra. The English website ‘News 18’ has also reported on this. It has been said that the OTT right has been sold. However, figures for how much has been sold have not been released. OTT giant Disney Plus Hotstar is also the distribution partner for Brahmastra’s PR campaign. Since the announcement has not happened, it cannot be said with the statement that Disney will be seen as the official OTT partner of Brahmastra. But the way he opposed Brahmastra, if Disney was interested in the juice, then it would be called bravery. Because until now the affiliated channels of Brahmastra also faced opposition. Only a brave and courageous person will risk buying the OTT rights to Brahmastra.

Disney is the OTT partner of Brahmastra’s PR campaign, if you’re right, consider it brave

For example, the PVR multiplex network has been hit hard in the recent past due to the films that faced the heat of the public: Laal Singh Chaddha and Brahmastra. After Lal Singh Chaddha’s shoddy business came to light, PVR had to face a loss of over Rs 700 crore in just five days. Similarly, despite the release of Brahmastra and the sharing of huge grossing figures by the creators, the shares of PVR and INOX saw a tremendous decline with investors taking a loss of around Rs 800 crore. Many other trading partners of Brahmastra have also faced opposition.

Now the question is, why do OTT giants, who are not interested in Lal Singh Chaddha due to bad content and public hate, cause business problems for no reason by showing association with Brahmastra? Observing the negative trend of the campaign, the digital partner that streams Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt’s Brahmastra under the direction of Ayan Mukerji on its OTT platform is certain to face some opposition. At what level and by how much remains to be seen. In today’s commercial trade, the film will be seen to make a profit only if it makes a large amount in exchange for OTT or other rights.

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