Brahmastra’s feet uprooted in the storm, ticket prices reduced, what will become of Vikram Vedha?

Brahmastra has not been able to earn as much as its budget from all over the world, despite having a huge screen presence, monopoly in theaters for two weeks. This is the situation as of now. The budget of the film is more than 400 million rupees. The total collection of Brahmastra from all over the world has reached 403 million rupees. In this too, about 40-50 percent of the share will go to taxes, exhibitors and other items. Obviously, Karan Johar and other investors will be worried. On the third Friday, the business of two low-budget movies may have raised your concerns. These films are Chup: Revenge of the Artist by Sunny Deol and Dulquer Salmaan and Dhoka by R Adhawan.

Both films opened on fewer than a thousand screens, but have done extraordinary business. Chup has earned around Rs 5.13 crore in the first two days. Dhoka has also put out a collection of more than 2.5 million rupees. There has been tremendous word of mouth in favor of silence. There is a high demand for the film. Because of this, there are reports of increasing the number of screens for the film. Everything is directly proving to be harmful to Brahmastra. Brahmastra still needs a long time to recoup the cost in theaters. Despite that it is almost impossible. iChowk has already discussed the reasons in the reviews. R Balki’s silence has taken hold somewhat. On the other hand, next Friday, the Great South Storm is quietly moving towards the Hindi Belt in the form of PS 1 under the leadership of Mani Ratnam.

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Quiet broke his back, PS 1- Vikram can guess the situation in front of Vedha

Along with PS 1, the Bollywood thriller ‘Vikram Vedha’ will also be released, which is actually the official remake of South. In such a situation, facing PS 1 and Vikram Vedha, Brahmastra’s right reach will also end. However, for the film starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, Karan Johar has drawn the last arrow from his quiver. The creators have announced that on the third Friday from Monday to Thursday, the film of him will be screened for only 100 rupees. The creators hope that the low ticket prices will attract the audience to the theaters. And in the fourth week, there is room for Brahmastra between three big movies, which is not visible far and wide at the moment.

In fact, on the National Film Day on Friday, cinema tickets stood at 75 rupees and the public came out in great numbers to ask for silence. Almost all of Chup’s shows were sold out. Chup was only on 600 screens. Many viewers came to see Brahmastra on Cinema Day due to low ticket fees and limited silent screens. The film collection at Cinema De showed the filmmakers a light in the storm. And now he’s decided to cut the movie fees even further. But the bigger question is that when there are three new movies in front of the audience, why would anyone show interest in seeing Brahmastra after two weeks?

Will the last arrow in Karan Johar’s quiver work for Brahmastra?

Karan Johar’s trick for Brahmastra does not work, it will become clear in the next few days. One thing is absolutely certain: the film will not be able to recover its budget from theaters under any circumstances. Another thing is that Karan Johar should cut his loss a bit by selling the OTT and TV rights.

Brahmastra is a fantasy, action-adventure film. The story and direction is by Ayan Mukerji. While apart from Ranbir Alia, Amitabh Bachchan, Mouni Roy and Nagarjuna were seen in major roles. Shahrukh Khan also appeared in a tremendous cameo. Even before the release, there was tremendous opposition to Brahmastra on social media. The film saw long and acrimonious protests across all social media platforms. Most critics expressed disappointment in the film’s content. Praise was also seen in some reviews.

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