Breast MRI: Don’t Be Afraid To Do A Breast MRI, Everything You Need To Know Before You Get The Test – What You Need To Know Before You Have A Breast MRI


  • Why do a breast MRI scan?
  • What should I know when doing a breast MRI?

Tina, 38 (name changed), did not notice the swelling in her breasts at first. But she decided to see a doctor when she was in excruciating pain. I googled and found a doctor so I went to the famous city hospital. The doctor who performed the exam first ordered an MRI of the breast. And related tests. When I first heard about breast MRI, I was shocked. Where to do, what to do before doing this, to find out, do you need any preparation for this? Can a mammogram be performed during menstruation? Tina had many questions in front of her.

Like Tina, many of us face these kinds of questions. Those who ignore the symptoms, those who are reluctant to do the test, those who do not have a great knowledge of the test, those who get tired when listening to the MRI …

What is a breast MRI scan?

MRI or MRI of the breast is one of the most advanced technologies in health care. MRI helps provide a detailed picture of problems within the breast using radio waves and strong magnets.

When is a breast MRI used?

1. To help determine the extent of breast cancer: Breast MRI is commonly used to measure the size of cancer in women who have already been diagnosed with breast cancer, to examine other tumors in the breast, and to see if there is growth elsewhere. But not all women diagnosed with breast cancer will need a breast MRI.

2. Used for the detection of breast cancer: Doctors also recommend the MRI test along with the annual mammogram test in some women at increased risk of breast cancer. MRA is not the only thing it claims to do. Some of the cancer cells detected by mammography may not have been seen on MRI. At the same time, MRI can detect some cancers that are not seen on mammograms. However, this can include non-cancer cells. Non-cancer cells often enter the MRA as well. In addition, other tests or biopsies may be prescribed. This is why MRI is often not recommended as a screening test for women at average risk for breast cancer.

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Everything you need to know about getting a breast MRI:

Breast MRI requires specialized equipment such as mammograms that use x-ray machines designed specifically for the breasts. This MRA machine is called ‘MRA with dedicated breast coils’. Breast MRI equipment may not be available in all hospitals and imaging centers. If you need a breast MRI, you should approach a center with the equipment mentioned above. It should also be noted that it also requires an MRI-guided breast biopsy.

A strong magnetic force is used instead of MRI radiation to take highly detailed cross-sectional images of the body. An MRI scanner can take pictures from many angles. This allows you to get images of someone looking at your body from the front, the side, or the top of your head. The MRI can even take pictures of soft tissue parts of the body. MRI can help detect even things that are difficult to see with other imaging tests.

Here are some things to prepare for a breast MRI test:

-Review your insurance policy carefully before having an MRI – Breast MRI can cost a lot. Therefore, your insurance company must approve it before scanning. So it’s good to confirm it first. Most private insurance companies that pay for mammograms also pay for a screening test, an MRI, in case a woman is found to be at high risk.

-Follow all instructions to the letter: Generally, no special diet or preparation is required before undergoing an MRI. But you also need to make sure that you follow all the instructions given to you.

If you have problems with enclosed spaces, you can do something:

Breast MRI is usually done while you are lying down in a long, narrow tube. If tight, enclosed spaces are a problem for you, it means you are claustrophobic. Therefore, you need to take medicine to help you relax while you are in the scanner. Talking to a technologist or patient advisor can help. Visiting the MRI machine before the test will help, too. You may be alone in the MRA room, but you can speak to an MRI technician who can see and hear what is happening.

Make sure metal objects are removed from the body:

The inspection should ensure that all metal objects are removed from the body. It is essential to ensure that all metal objects such as hair clips, jewelry, and dental tweezers are removed.

If there is metal on your body – Before scanning, the technician will ask if there is any metal on your body. Some metal objects may not cause problems, but some may cause problems.

If you have any type of medical implant, you should not enter the MRI scan area if having an MRI performed by a radiologist or technologist may cause other difficulties.

-An implanted defibrillator or pacemaker
-Clips used in connection with the brain.
-A cochlear implant (ear)
-Metal coils inside the blood vessels.
If present, physicians must be notified in advance.

How to do an MRI of the breast?

An MRI scan is usually done in a hospital or clinic. You will have to lie on your stomach on a narrow, flat table. Your breasts will hang in a hole in the table so they can be comfortably scanned without shrinking. The technologist will be there to help you. The table will then slide into a long, narrow tube.

The test is painless. But you have to lie down in that narrow tube. At some point during the test, you may be asked to breathe or to be silent. When the magnet is on or off, it can sound like the sound of a washing machine. You will also be provided with earplugs or headphones to help prevent noise during the test.

Before performing an MRI to image your breasts, a contrast material called gadolinium is injected into the vein in your hand. This will help to clearly show the details of the breast tissue. (It is not the same as the contrast medium used in CT scans.) Let your technologist know in advance if you have any allergies.

It is important that you remain still during the test. Each set of images usually takes a few minutes to prepare. The full test typically takes 45-60 minutes to complete.

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