Bumrah lost everything, changed his shirt and started playing; Finished when I realized the mistake!


  • Boomera wore the wrong jersey in Test against New Zealand
  • World Test Championship final with a thrilling finale
  • The last day of the Test Championship final is crucial for India

Southampton: The World Trials Championship final between India and New Zealand has been extended to Reserve Day. The final lasted until the reserve day as it rained completely for two days. Although New Zealand is slightly ahead of India, the test match is in a state where anything can happen on the final day.

India failed to control New Zealand’s first inning score as expected. New Zealand’s 32-run lead in the first innings could be crucial in the game. Strike pitcher Jaspreet Bumra’s loss of line and length was a setback for India. Bumrah couldn’t bear a single wicket. But on the fifth day of the game, Bumra made headlines for something else.

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Boomera, who opened the bowling alley for India on the fifth day, entered the field wearing a jersey. Bumra wore a shirt with the sponsor’s name printed across the middle of the front. However, it is not allowed to wear this shirt while playing games. The ICC rule is that the name of the country must be in the middle of the shirt. Bumra, who entered the field wearing a jersey with Baijus’s name printed on it, realized the mistake, changed his jersey, and returned after the first change.

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The bowlers decide the fate of the trial championship. India lost two wickets for 64 runs in the second inning. India now has a lead of just 32 runs. If India is eliminated by at least 200 races, New Zealand will have a chance to win. The number of bats over India will also be important. Virat Kohli (8) and Cheteshwar Pujara (12) are in the fold.

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