Called ‘Baby’ during the exam; Student with complaint; Controversy at Christ University


  • What happened was annoying behavior
  • The incident took place on June 21.
  • The incident occurred during an online exam.

BENGALURU: A Christ University student has complained that her teacher called her “Baby” during an online exam. The young woman tweeted a screenshot of the conversation.

When asked when the PDF containing the answer should be sent, the teacher’s response was “another three minutes baby.” The June 21 incident is controversial.

“The conversation took place on a third-party platform. Sometimes those conversations are inappropriate and annoying.” Said a student at the Christ University campus on Benarghatta Road in Bengaluru.

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“During the exam, the teacher asked me to put the camera at a low angle, to make sure it wasn’t plagiarized, but we felt like it was being monitored very badly.” A student, who did not want to be identified, told the media.

But one of the students said that the university had taken a supportive stance towards the teacher. The student said the university suggested that his work be well received. However, the BBS student said that Christ University had disqualified students from the exam if the internet was interrupted during the exam.

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The NSUI student body said it would file a complaint with the UGC on the matter. NSUI Secretary General of State Manish Govindraj said the university’s leadership was not prepared to consider student complaints.

Exam controller Johnny Joseph said students should contact management if they face any kind of difficulty.

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