Campus Diaries Hindi Web Series Review – Excellent Web Series Showing All The Colors Of College Life

The corona pandemic not only ruined our economy, it also took away the freedom of our children. Students going to school and university have been confined to mobile devices due to online education, while their activity has been limited to the wall of the house. In such a situation, a web series is being broadcast on the OTT MX Player platform so that children and adults feel like they are in college life. The name of this web series is ‘Campus Diaries’. In this web series directed by director Prem Mistry, actors Harsh Beniwal, Ritwik Sahore, Saloni Patel, Abhinav Sharma and Ranjan Raj have major roles. The story of the web series has been co-written by Abhishek Yadav, Devanshi Shah, Talah Siddiqui, and Gaganjeet Singh.

Whenever there is a discussion about college life, hostel life, teen romance, college politics, friendship and pranks, the names of web series like ‘Kota Factory’, ‘Hostel Days’,’ College Romance ‘and’ Mis-matched ‘come to mind. mind start to blink. The web series name ‘Campus Diaries’ can also be taken from this episode. In this, an attempt has been made to present the new age drama of six students from Excel University, Chandigarh, in an interesting way. The drama shown in this is not common, because it is different from the usual fun and friendship. It shows and addresses rarely discussed topics such as irregularity, discrimination based on social status, one-sided love stories, rampant drug use, and bitter relationships.

The history of the Campus Diaries web series

The story of the ‘Campus Diaries’ web series revolves around six students studying at Excel University. The first and prominent name among them is Sudhir. He is a resident of Haryana. His mind is more on politics than studies. Another name is Sushmita, which is very forceful and bold. Third Abhilash is a very gentle boy. He is very fond of Sushmita. Take care of your food and drink. Even when Sushmita breaks her beak on her behalf, instead of getting angry, she is happy. The fourth name is from Sanya, who is the first in studies. Truly superior student, but excellence is achieved through family members. The fifth name is Raghav, who is a returnee from Singapore. He is a drug addict. The sixth name is from Priyanka, who does student politics.

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Sudhir (Harsh Beniwal), Abhilash (Ritvik Sahore), Sushmita (Saloni Patel), Sanya (Srishti Ganguly), and Raghav (Abhinav Sharma) may be opposite in nature, but they are very good friends with each other. They know when and where to support each other. Sudhir, Abhilash, and Sushmita continue to criticize freshmen who come to campus, but one day they run into Raghav. Raghav returns to Singapore. After completing a year of study from there, he has enrolled at this campus for the second year. The gang of older people want to take their rag, but Raghav stands in front of them. Then the dean of the university arrives and catches everyone and leads them to his office. But Raghav refuses to file a complaint against him.

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The Dean is forced to drop all the students. But that doesn’t absolve him of the trickery charge. After leaving, Raghav and Sudhir fight. So Raghav leaves them and goes. Now faced with Sudhir and his gang, he is challenged to remove their names or add the names of many other students. To do this, he meets the first years and tries to file a complaint against other seniors, but without success. The sword of punishment is seen hanging in front of him. Everyone leans in front of the university ragging committee. Ultimately, the committee acquits him by giving him a lesser sentence with a warning. After this, a period of romance begins on campus between the drug business.

Campus Diaries web series review

The creators of the ‘Campus Diaries’ web series Prem Mistry and Abhishek Yadav are products of the same TVF factory, from which a web series like ‘Kota Factory’ has emerged. This is the reason why your impression is visible in this web series. We have seen and heard this campus story many times. Some people have even lived. But on ‘Campus Diaries’ Prem Mistry and Abhishek Yadav have presented the story in an interesting and interesting way. Yes, its length definitely catches the eye. Because watching 12 episodes of 30 to 40 minutes seems a bit boring. But people who live or live college life will definitely like it. The address is great. The story is also tight and exciting. The web series has all the elements that are worth coloring based on the story and the story.

Most of the actors in this web series are new or have appeared on very few screens. But all have acted well according to their character. The well-known YouTuber Harsh Beniwal in the character of Sudhir has made a successful attempt to do comedy in his Haryanvi style. Saloni Khanna is also frozen in the character of the sharp-tempered Sushmita. Srishti Ganguly Rindani has done wonders in the role of Sanya. There is a lot of variety in his character, which he has interpreted with great sensitivity and maturity. Abhinav Sharma should have worked a bit more in the role of Raghav. However, as a drug addict, he sometimes feels intimidated, which exposes the stronger side of his performance. Saloni Gaur and Ritwik Sahor have also turned heads with their performances.

Overall, ‘Campus Diaries’ can be called a good web series from directing and writing to acting. It has all the entertainment elements. If you have liked web series like ‘Kota Factory’, ‘Hostel Days’, ‘College Romance’ then you must check this out. Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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