Can Fenugreek Help You Lose Weight? The study says


  • Can Fenugreek Help You Lose Weight?
  • Some studies say

Fenugreek, also known as methi, is one of the common ingredients used in Indian cuisine to flavor many dishes. Fenugreek leaves are used to make curries, flatbreads, potatoes, peas, mushrooms, chicken, legumes, peas, and more. Fenugreek is said to have many health benefits in addition to helping to control diabetes and lower cholesterol. It can also help you lose weight.

Studies in rats

In 2014, pharmacologist Praveen Kumar and others conducted a study on the effect of fenugreek seeds on rats. Fenugreek seeds have been found to inhibit fat accumulation in obese rats. Dr. Annadora J. Another study by Bruce-Keller and his colleagues found that fenugreek counteracts the damaging effects of high-fat diets, which are very beneficial for stomach bacteria, which are essential for digestion.

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Study in overweight people

As part of a short-term study in 2019, pharmacologist Hughes Chevas tested the bodies of obese men to see if eating fenugreek seeds had a positive effect on them. During a six-week program, several overweight men received fenugreek seed extract and its effects on energy, weight, appetite, glucose, and insulin levels were studied.

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The study found that fat consumption was significantly reduced in overweight people. However, there was no significant reduction in body weight.

Fenugreek water or fenugreek tea

There is a popular belief that drinking water or tea mixed with fenugreek seeds can help you lose weight. Jeong Bay conducted a study on this belief in overweight Korean women. They were given tea made with fenugreek. Because of this, the study found that they experienced a full stomach for a long time, which reduced their appetite and thus reduced their food intake.

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Previous studies indicate that methi or fenugreek has anti-appetite benefits and can help people lose weight with regular consumption of this medicinal herb.

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