Can the movie win an Oscar even though RRR is not an official nomination?

‘Wait if hope is nothing, Gham Khaye Bahut Jo Khayal-e-Surroor Hai’… This Sher by Ismail Meerthi, one of the famous poets who introduced Urdu to Jadeed Nazm, is for those who have lost hope . If there is no hope in life, then he understands that there is nothing. Rahi walks towards his destination with hope. I hope that’s all. It has no shape or color, but every man is alive with the help of it. With the help of this hope, some people are now saying that SS Rajamouli’s movie ‘RRR’ can win the Oscar right now. While the Gujarati film ‘Chello Show’ (Last Film Show) has been officially nominated from India. Despite this, the chances of ‘RRR’ going to the Oscars are not over yet. The filmmakers and distributors of the film are preparing to send it to the Academy Awards on their own.

In the Oscar race for India, Rajamouli’s film ‘RRR’, Vivek Agnihotri’s film ‘The Kashmir Files’, Fahad Fazil’s Malayalam film ‘Malaynkunju’ and Nani’s Telugu film ‘Shyam Singha Roy’ they were on the run. People wanted ‘RRR’ and ‘The Kashmir Files’ to be sent for an Oscar. A social media campaign was underway regarding both films. Most of the film critics were in favor of ‘RRR’. He believed that this film has the potential to win an Oscar. Because it has entertained audiences worldwide. It has recorded its special place in the history of Indian cinema. But on September 20, the Film Federation of India surprised everyone by announcing the name of a new movie apart from all these movies. After this, most people seemed disappointed. But now there is a ray of hope.

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In fact, Dylan Marchetti, president of Varian Films, the distributor of ‘RRR’ in the United States, says that they will promote the film worldwide. For this, a call to vote will also be made after talking with 10,000 members of the Academy. Creators will make the nominations in many Academy Awards categories. Says Marchetti, “I don’t think RRR is Bharti’s best film, rather I say this film is the best in the entire world. We have heard from fans all over the world that this is the best film this year. We applied to the Academy who considers the film in all categories. The film is ready to contend for a place in the ‘Best Picture’ category. Apart from this, the director can participate in many other categories such as screenplay, cinematography, production design and editing .

According to Dylan, RRR will be nominated in the following categories…

1. Best movie

2. Original script (SS Rajamouli and V Vijayendra Prasad)

3. Lead Actor (Jr.NTR and Ram Charan)

4. Supporting Actor (Ajay Devgan)

5. Supporting Actress (Alia Bhatt)

6. Original Song (Natu Natu)

7. Original Score (MM Keerwani)

8. Photography (KK Senthilkumar)

Let us tell you that the Academy Award is considered the most prestigious award in the world. It is the dream of every filmmaker or film industry that their film gets this award. But sadly, to date no film from the Indian film industry has received this award. If you have seen in recent years, every year some Indian film was nominated for Oscar, but the trophy has never been received. What could be the reasons behind this? Aren’t those films made in India that are at the level of the Oscars or is there discrimination against Indian films? Those questions are many, but the answer is hidden in this year’s electoral process itself.

The Oscar award was started in 1956. From 1957 to 2021, only three films ‘Mother India’, ‘Salaam Bombay’ and ‘Lagaan’ have official nominations. In these 65 years, no Indian film has so far won an Oscar. In 1958, ‘Mother India’ came very close to winning the award for Best Foreign Film. But the film, directed by Mehboob Khan, lost by just one vote during the third Knights of Cabiria vote. After this, expectations increased with Mira Nair’s film Salaam Bombay in the year 1988, but it also failed to win the award. The demand for the film Lagaan by Aamir Khan, released in 2001, was also strong, but it did not win the award either.

Now, once again with ‘RRR’, there is great hope for an Oscar. It is being said in one voice not only from the country but from the entire world that this film has the potential to win awards in many Oscar categories. If the makers of this movie managed to get it to the Oscars on their own and also managed to win this award in a couple of categories, then understand that the Film Federation of India will surely be defeated. Anyway, this year, the FFI is under the scanner by nominating an unknown Gujarati film for the Oscars. People do not understand on what basis this film has been nominated. Whereas, by comparison, there were better movies like RRR and The Kashmir Files.

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