Carrot juice can be taken to lower blood pressure and improve eye health

What if there is only one solution to control blood pressure and improve eye health? But there is such a thing. Get in the habit of drinking a glass of carrot juice. Luke Coutinho, a lifestyle expert and health coach, says that the benefits of eating three carrots come from drinking a glass of carrot juice. It explains the reasons for drinking carrot juice, the ingredients that help our health, and the ways to add more nutrients to this drink.

Why carrot juice
It is important to understand what we choose to eat and how it contributes to our health. When vegetables like carrots are eaten raw, the body struggles to break down the cellulose they contain if they are not chewed well. Therefore, it is best to make a juice and drink it. > Carrots are rich in fiber, which helps the intestinal bacteria function and maintains the health of the intestines. It is good for reducing flatulence, maintaining acid levels, assimilating and absorbing food, and solving stomach-related problems. > The potassium in carrots can help maintain the health of organs such as the heart, brain and liver. Potassium also helps control blood pressure. > Science even says that the vitamin C content in carrots boosts your immune system. > Its bioactives and flavonoids help in the absorption of nutrients at the cellular level. > Carrot juice is also effective in reducing high blood pressure. > Helps your liver make enzymes that cleanse it. Therefore, carrots are good for treating jaundice, malaria, and dengue. > Carrots contain antioxidants that help protect the heart and its function. > Its nutrients help repair DNA damaged by pollution, smoking or radiation. > The carotenoids in this vegetable help prevent macular degeneration and maintain eye health. > Carrots are very useful for diabetics because of their high fiber and potassium content.

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How to prepare?
You can also add cold pressed oil to this carrot juice. Since nutrients are fat soluble, our bodies do this to increase their absorption. If you don’t like adding oil, eat walnuts after drinking this drink as it is rich in healthy fats. Squeezing a lemon into your drink is also very good. If you want to add more nutrients to the drink, you can choose ginger, pumpkin seeds, cucumber, and beet juice. However, before you start drinking a glass of healthy carrot juice, check and understand your health and body requirements. Don’t drink too much or too little. Be moderate. Keep in mind that a glass of carrot juice is not magic medicine to give you strength. In addition to drinking it, you can improve your sleep, stay away from stress, eat a good diet in general, and learn how to exercise and relax properly to reap the overall benefits. Note: This content, including tips, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical advice. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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