CBI’s Theory About Sushant Singh Rajput’s Former Manager’s Death Is Not Being Accepted!

When the world hit by the Corona epidemic was struggling to live, a shocking news from Bollywood came out at the same time. This incident shook the whole of India. That morning of June 14, 2020 was a surprise for everyone. On this day, a brilliant Hindi movie star had disappeared forever. Yes, on this date the mysterious death of film actor Sushant Singh Rajput took place. The curtain has not been raised to date on this mystery of death. But today the CBI has made a big revelation regarding another sensational case related to his case. The investigating agency says that 6 days before Sushant’s death, his former manager Disha Salian, who was buried in Kaal’s cheek, was not killed. He rather he had become the victim of an accident.

The Central Bureau of Investigation says that its investigation has revealed that Disha was not murdered. She had fallen off her floor because she was very drunk. Disha used to live on the 14th floor of her society. On the night of June 8, 2020, Disha had organized her birthday party at her apartment. During this many of her friends were also present. She drank a lot with her boyfriend and her friends, after which they all had dinner. After she finished the party, she reached the balcony of her house and fell from there due to losing her balance. She died due to severe head and body injuries and excessive bleeding. Sushant Singh Rajput died just 6 days after Disha’s death. That is why CBI was investigating both cases simultaneously.

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Disha died 6 days before the mysterious death of film actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

In a conversation with ET, a senior CBI official said: “After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, serious allegations were made that he has a connection to the death of Disha Salian. Disha worked for Sushant for some time. Therefore, both cases have been examined in detail by taking them together. Apart from some chats and branding practices, there is nothing in common between them. However, Sushant must have read the news related to Disha’s death on mobile before his death. Also googled. But such evidence is insufficient to prove that there is any connection between the two deaths. Both are separate incidents that are unfortunately linked to each other.” Following this, the officer also claimed that Disha’s death was neither a murder nor a suicide, but rather an accident.

Let’s just assume for once that Disha Salian’s death was an accident. She fell under her floor while intoxicated. But here it is not understood that when she was partying with her friends and her boyfriend, where were they all at the time of her death. Even if her friends are gone, her boyfriend will leave her alone on her birthday, this thing will not be accepted by anyone. If Disha died in front of everyone, then why didn’t those people come forward and say this when the whole country was talking about her murder? Not only this, many personalities from politics to film were blaming the son of Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray, Aditya Thackeray for this. Why didn’t anyone tell this truth at that time? Doubts are arising here on both counts.

Alongside this, the CBI should also tell how the incident, which now counts as an accident, was counted as a suicide a few months ago. Did any other CBI team investigate the case then? Or was he in such a hurry to tell you the result that he didn’t say anything? First, the CBI should talk about the theory of suicide, then a new theory should be given. If the first theory can be false, definitely the accident theory can also be false. If both turn out to be false, then those things in which it has been said that Disha was killed will be strengthened. Many famous and powerful people were involved in it. Sushant Singh Rajput probably knew about those people so he too was killed. There is one more question here. If the investigation of the death of Sushant and Disha is being conducted jointly, then how can the result on Disha come so soon, while the CBI has not been able to reach any concrete result on the case of Sushant’s death?

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