Chehre Movie Review: The first half of ‘Chehre’ was tremendous, why did the movie slide in at the end?

Chehre is actually a courtroom drama. The use of the mystery thriller in court dramas is good. Actually, the movie was made keeping four friends and a stray passenger in the center. About 280 km from Delhi, four friends after retirement live in the deserted snowy mountains. The four are Judge Jagdish Acharya (Dhritiman Chatterjee), Prosecutor Latif Zaidi (Amitabh Bachchan), Defense Attorney Paramjit Singh Bhullar (Annu Kapoor), Executioner Hariya Jatav (Raghuveer Yadav). The daily work of the four elders is to meet at the judge’s house at night. they are reunited. They drink alcohol, make food and if a forgotten passerby gets trapped on the mountain, they also play the game of “Mock Trial” with him. That is, there is a false judgment of the case. The charges are discussed. The evidence is presented, examined, and finally the judge gives his verdict.

Anna (Rhea Chakraborty) takes care of the work at the House of Justice. Anna’s brother is Joe (Siddhant Kapoor). Help seniors in mock trials. Dumb, who is actually a person who has been sentenced, who was punished by Judge Acharya. Anna is his sister. One day, Sameer Mehra (Emraan Hashmi), who has accomplished everything in the business world at a very young age, gets stuck in snowy weather and arrives at Justice’s house. You are offered to appear in the mock test game. In the game, only the errant passengers are in the role of criminals, who are tried in the mock court of Judge Acharya. Before the start of the game, the passengers are free to admit any of their crimes, which must be tried. However, Sameer denies any wrongdoing. Initially, Sameer feels that game time is passing, but later, during the mock trial, events unfold in such a way that a different truth comes out of him. He gets trapped and tries to escape thinking that the game is deadly. Actually, it will be interesting to see in the movie what the purpose of the mock trial is and how Sameer gets stuck in trouble.

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Chehre’s story is written by Ranjit Kapoor. His writing is commendable in terms of use in courtroom drama. The script and dialogue for the film have been written by Ranjeet together with Rumi Jaffrey. Rumi is also the director of the film. The story, the script and the lines are excellent. In the first half, all three are bright and balanced. Speed ​​and grip are excellent. When the first half is turned off, the public does not know. Even in the second half, everything seems to be going well before the last 15-20 minutes. During the mock trial, there are interesting twists and turns from place to place in the film. Along with the temporary court drama, a story related to Sameer and his past is also happening in flashbacks. Chehre, which looks like a great movie, is tainted by parts of the script that ultimately fail to create a connection between the characters and the audience. Especially as the film progresses toward climax, the dialogue becomes a victim of rhetoric, weak writing, and excessive dramatization to show emotion.

Amitabh’s passionate plots as Zaidi in the climax are inexplicably reminiscent of Pink. While the mock face trial was about a different kind of crime. I do not understand why the famous Nirbhaya case of Delhi was mentioned there as a reference. Without which Amitabh, by giving a long and emotional speech, demands strict punishment from the court for Sameer. Of course, Rumi Jaffrey and her team worked really hard, but all their efforts seem to end before the movie ends and the face deviates from purpose and looks like a normal movie. It can be understood in such a way that it was tried to make the food very tasty from the heart. But too much salt spoiled all the flavor. The climax of the last one turned out to be too much salt on his face. If the last twenty minutes had been as straightforward as the first half, Chehre could have turned out to be a wonderful movie like Revenge. However, if the film is ready now, there is no room to alter it.

The location is very beautiful. The interior, the snow-capped mountains and the climate of Judge Acharya’s house are according to the story. The appearance and style of the characters are also attractive. The cinematography is excellent. The edit is tight. Apart from these things, the acting and dialogue side are important in the best things of the face. The faces are on the shoulders of Amitabh, Emraan Hashmi, Dhritiman, Annu Kapoor. All four also leave an impact. Aside from the climax speeches, Amitabh’s work is not outstanding but effective. Dhritiman also looks original. Annu Kapoor is a face sales pack that knows the skills to prove its presence among the stalwarts. Aside from Amitabh, the role of Annu Kapoor has appeared in many good lines and scenes in the film. Raghuveer’s character is small, his portions of dialogue are down as well. Despite that, they are fine in their place. Riya Chakraborty and Siddhant had nothing to share. Even if they both didn’t have characters, then it wasn’t going to make any difference. Krystle D’Souza’s work on a major character is also satisfying.

Time to think about Emraan Hashmi. Yelling is an emotion, he and his directors must understand how to use it correctly. His acting is fine, but in many places the gesture doesn’t seem like it should. It was the director’s responsibility to make the loud act go according to the story. The rhythm of the dialogues by Amitabh, Annu Kapoor and Dhritiman is worth watching and learning. Imran couldn’t bring that feeling to many places in the Loud Act. Leaving the noisy scenes, Imran’s work can also be described as satisfying. Although some things go wrong in the end, Courtroom is a must-see for audiences interested in drama.

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