cheteshwar pujara: Pujara also knows how to attack; Referee escapes with headache – Video !! – ind vs eng: cheteshwar pujara gives the leg referee a scare during the leeds test


  • Pujara attacked and played
  • The referee was also surprised
  • India waits in the second inning

Cheteshwar Pujara’s unprecedented hitting performance in Test 3 against England. India, who collapsed in the first inning at Leeds, needed a savior in the second inning. On the third day, Pujara played his role to perfection. It really made the English players tremble attacking and defending. At one point, Pujara was more of an attacker than starter Rohit Sharma.

Criticism emerged from many quarters that the veteran Indian hitter should start changing his style. Pujara’s defensive hitting in Gabba and Sydney against Australia had given India the upper hand. But Pujara’s slowness in batting conditions had a significant impact on the team’s score. At the end of the third day, Pujara scored 91 of 180 balls. Contains 15 fours.

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Pujara also has the best hitting rate among the hitters of the Indian team. The player’s average is 50.56. India awaits a century of Pujara in Leeds after a long time. A great entry from Virat Kohli is expected in the fold with 45 runs.

Pujara also shook the umpire’s leg once during the attack hitting. Referee Richard Kettleborough escaped because he changed in time. The incident took place in ’79 when spinner Moin Ali was thrown. Pujara’s powerful shot bounced off the ball and went into the limit. The referee suddenly changed when he saw the ball coming towards him.

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Pujara’s change of style has excited the fans. On the fourth day, Indian hopes were on the shoulders of Pujara and Kohli. India can only wait the rest of the day if it hits all day. Indian fans are looking forward to a performance like the one that made a great comeback in Trial of the Lord.

India was able to advance to a better score on the third day after a quick elimination of England. England finished the first inning with 432 runs. Mohammad Shami took 4 plots for India. Cheteshwar Pujara and Rohit Sharma combined to lift the score for India on the third day, despite the sudden loss of starter KL Rahul. Rohit, who hit wonderfully, was sacked for 59 of 156 balls. Ollie Robbins took the window. Rahul’s wicket was taken by Craig Overton. Rahul had scored a century for India in the Trial of the Lord. India has a 1-0 lead in the series.

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