child died on birthday: celebration of the first birthday; Baby falls from 12th floor while parents decorate house: 1-year-old boy died on his birthday after falling from 12th floor in Greater Noida


  • The boy died during the first birthday celebration.
  • The accident occurred when he fell from the 12th floor of the
  • Tragic incident in Greater Noida

Great Noida: A house ready to celebrate your child’s first birthday turned into a house of death in an instant. The tragedy took place in Greater Noida, Delhi. Rivan, who was celebrating her first birthday, fell from the 12th floor of the apartment and died.

The tragedy took place in the Casa Greens housing complex in Greater Noida, the English-language news channel NDTV reported. Satyendra Kasana and her family were decorating the house to celebrate her son’s birthday. Relatives and other guests came to the house to celebrate the boy’s birthday. It was during this time that the accident occurred.

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Baby Rivan was playing in the space in front of the apartment door when the parents decorated the house. Meanwhile, it fell down the grating of the stairs.
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The boy, who fell from the 12th floor, was rushed to the hospital but could not be saved. Doctors who examined the boy confirmed the death.

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