Children 9, BJP MLA on population control video; ‘Everything is God’s blessing’


  • Video of BJP leader in controversy
  • Ramlal Beas said it was misunderstood
  • Having nine children is a blessing from God

Bhopal: BJP MLA in controversy for appearing in publicity for population control. Madhya Pradesh lawmaker and BJP leader Ram Lallu Bais has blamed Muslims for the increase in population. Ramlal, 78, has nine children.

Ramlal says it was a blessing from God that he had nine children. “I have not had children since 1990. I am 78 years old now. It will happen if God wants it to happen. It happened only according to God’s will. Nothing is in our hands. If the population control law is introduced, it will apply to everyone “. Ramlal said in the controversial video.

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Ramlal, a legislator from Singrauli, has been an MLA three times. In another video, Ram Lallu said that although he is in favor of population control, Muslims are responsible for the population increase and it does not matter that the law is imposed only on Hindus. “If such laws are imposed on Hindus, how will the population increase stop? If Muslims stop this, we will stop it too.” At the same time, Ramlal told the Beas Times of India that he would respond if the Population Control Bill was introduced and that he would support the measure until then.

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Ramlal, meanwhile, denied the anti-Muslim comments in the controversial video. He said the controversy over his answer was due to a misunderstanding. Ramlal said he wanted the law to be the same for everyone, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians alike. When asked how people with 9 children support population control, BJP MLA said that they have not had new children in 30 years and that the law should be the same for everyone.

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