chotta shakeels and fahim machmach: Kovid became a villain; Chhota Shakeel’s phone operator dies, unconfirmed by police


  • The criminal from the underworld, Faheem Ahmed Sharif, has died.
  • The death was reported to have affected Kovid.
  • Police say confirmation is needed.

Mumbai: Faheem Ahmed Sharif, 51, aka Faheem Mach Mach, an accomplice and telephone operator to underworld criminal Chhota Shakeel, died of Kovid-19. Kovid was pronounced dead in a Pakistani hospital on Friday night. The funeral was reportedly held in Karachi on Saturday.

Fahim was admitted to the hospital a few days ago due to severe shortness of breath. Kovid was pronounced dead at the scene while undergoing specialized treatment. Authorities said he was in poor health and had bad internal organs.

According to national media reports, Chhota Shakeel called his relatives in India and informed them that Faheem was dead. A senior Mumbai police official said that while information was available that Faheem Kovid had died from the disease, it had not been confirmed. He said more information about the death was needed. He is accused in several cases in Mumbai, Delhi and Gujarat. Faheem became famous for threatening people over the phone at the urging of Chhota Shakeel, the second in command of the Dawood Ibrahim D Company, and demanding money and bargaining.

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The police tried to catch Faheem, who had arrived in Dubai with Chhota Shakeel and then crossed into Pakistan, but were unsuccessful. According to the police, Faheem was involved in the 1999 attack on the former mayor of Mumbai, Milind Vaidyar. Faheem left the country as the investigation intensified. Faheem made headlines again in 2003 when he attacked a businessman on behalf of Chhota Shakeel. Mumbai police arrested a man who was working with Chhota Shakeel on a special operation. It was from these that Faheem’s involvement in these cases became apparent.

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When Dawood Ibrahim expanded his business in the UAE, D Company hired Faheem to coordinate operations in Mumbai. It was the support of Chhota Shakeel that helped him manage his operations in Mumbai. Fahim was nicknamed “Mach Mach” for his style of stripping captive victims.

The series of explosions in Mumbai that shocked India took place on March 12, 1993. The explosions killed at least 250 people and injured 1,400 others. The leader of the underworld, Dawood Ibrahim, was behind the attack, which shook the country. Dawood, who took refuge in the shadow of Pakistan before his capture, remains one of India’s top wanted criminals. Dawood lives comfortably in Karachi under the auspices of the Pakistani government. It is reported that Faheem was with him.

No further reports have been received of Dawood speaking on the phone in November 2016. Dawood’s close relatives and siblings do not use the phone. Years have passed since Brother Anees Ibrahim had a telephone conversation. Chhota Shakeel, a close follower and senior member of the D Company, doesn’t use the phone. These circumstances prevent the police from obtaining information about the accused.

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