Chris Gayle celebrates and surprises; Even at the age of 41, this man is crazy in the field!

Chris Gayle’s excitement on the field is still 18 years old. Gayle celebrated her wicket in the match against South Africa in a different way. Gayle was surprised when she turned her head and celebrated with a cartwheel. Video shared on Cricket Instagram has gone viral in the cricket world. The incident took place in the fourth T20 against South Africa. Gayle Reese Henriques, who made it to the Panthers, quickly took the wicket. Gayle held her window. The West Indies won the match 2-2. The West Indies are also looking to replace Gayle in the batting order for the upcoming T20 World Cup. Universal boss Bose, who has always been a career starter, finished third against South Africa. Gayle is currently third for Kings XI Punjab in the IPL.

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Captain Kieron Pollard’s hitting performance and Dwayne Bravo’s career-best bowling win gave the West Indies victory. Bravo took 4 wickets for 19 races.

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