Christian Church Karnataka: survey of Christian churches should drop pucl petition in Karnataka high court


  • The need to withdraw from the survey.
  • The Council of Bishops had made it clear that the church count alone would send the wrong message.
  • The survey is based on complaints that conversion is rampant.

BENGALURU: A petition has been filed in the Karnataka High Court requesting an injunction against the Karnataka government’s decision to list Christian churches. The petition was presented by the Popular Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL).

The government has conducted a census of churches and Christian institutions in Karnataka before the enactment of a law prohibiting forced conversions. The district police chief has been briefed. The proposal is to collect financial information on Christian churches. The police have launched a rigorous investigation into the matter. Pius has filed a petition against this in the Karnataka High Court.

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The Council of Catholic Bishops had demanded that the census be withdrawn. The Council of Bishops says the church count alone will send the wrong message. A letter has been sent to the government pointing this out.

Gulihatti Sekhar, chairman of the committee and a BJP MLA from Hosadurga, told the Times of India a few days ago that the decision was made due to complaints that conversion was rampant in Karnataka. Backward classes: The Assembly Committee of the Department of Minority Welfare is counting the number of Christian churches that follow the complaint. Officials said the survey was being conducted to count the number of churches operating illegally in the state.

Gulihatti Sekhar had said that there were around 1,790 churches in Karnataka, including his home district of Chitradurga. Gulihatti Sekhar said the survey was to find out what was working illegally on this. If conversion is found, measures will be taken against the priests of the institutions. The survey report will be prepared before the committee and then presented to the legislature. Gulihatti Shekhar said there have been 36 cases of forced conversion in the state.

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Meanwhile, Bajrang Dal workers organized protests in Christian churches in Karnataka on Sunday alleging forced conversion. A group of activists organized protests in Hubli and Mangalore. Protesting against the police in the churches of Hubli, Hubli.

On October 17, activists from Bajrang Dal-Vishwa Hindu Parishad broke into a mosque in Karnataka and performed bhajans, claiming forced conversion. The attackers entered the Byridevarkoppa mosque in Hubbali.

The council of bishops said it would call a press conference on Monday in light of the seriousness of the issue. It is alleged that the economically backward Hindus are being forcibly converted. The Karnataka government has decided to pass a law banning conversions amid allegations of proselytizing. According to media reports, Karnataka’s chief minister, Basavaraj Bomme, has said that he will introduce a bill to stop the conversion.

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