Chup Revenge Of The Artist: The Trailer Might Make It ‘Silent’, But The Movie Will Surely Make A Hiss!

Sunny Deol, who had some hits after Ghadar in 2001, came back with R Balki’s ‘Chup’. The trailer for the film has been released. As the trailer progresses, it is known that the filmmakers have added to the suspense to such an extent that the audience, who goes to the cinema to see the film, can barely keep ‘quiet’. Audiences will also get a full dose of entertainment on ‘Chup: Revenge of the Artist’. Because where there is action from Sunny Deol in the film, so is the acting from Dulquer Salmaan, Pooja Bhatt and Shreya Dhanwantri, as the audience is hardly bored. Watching the one minute 58 second trailer, it will definitely be said that in this era of Boycott Bollywood, the production managers have tried their best not to disappoint the audience.

The Chup trailer has said that the movie is going to be great

Keep in mind that for some time, Bollywood was constantly being accused that all the movies that were coming, regardless of their budget and star cast, but in the name of the story, there is nothing in them that makes the audience wants. the theater Pull aside In such a situation, when we watch ‘Chup: Revenge of the Artist’, the film is a masala entertainment film.

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what is the story of the movie

Chup: Revenge of the Artist: The story of an artist who is portrayed as a feared serial killer in the film. The interesting thing is that the killer mercilessly targets and kills only those people whom society likes to call themselves film critics. The one thing that not only makes people laugh in the film, but is also the center of curiosity, is the technique of killing people by serial killers.

The serial killer finds his target in a transparent style, brutally murders him and after killing him gives him stars on his corpse. These stars are the hook marks of the killer in the movie.

If you look at the trailer and watch it, it is found that Chup: The Artist’s Revenge is a movie that is in the background of the cinema. Along with this, it has also been shown in the movie that in the current era, in the name of their reviews and ratings, today’s critics bring good movies to their deathbeds. Guru Dutt’s famous movie Kagaz Ke Phool has also been mentioned in the trailer. Note that Guru Dutt’s Kaagaz Ke Phool was a movie that was in the spotlight of film critics at the time and there was some criticism about the movie that Guru Dutt went into depression as an actor and then didn’t make any movies . .

If we talk about the role, then the trailer says that in the movie Sunny Deol is in the role of a police officer who is solving the mystery of those murders. Whose facilitator is a serial killer who brutally murders film critics. On the other hand, Dulkar is a person for whom cinema is everything and who has always objected to how film critics mix years of hard work as producer directors in the dust with a review of few words.

It is not at all that there is only blood, murder and dead bodies in the film. There is also a very beautiful love story in the movie that is seen moving between Shreya Dhanwantri and Dulquer.

The first thing that comes to mind after seeing the trailer is that it is a different kind of trailer. Which is saying a lot. Along with this, many major changes have been made keeping the audience in mind to make it look out of the box. The trailer says that whether it’s cinematography or music, every last detail has been worked out so there’s no chance that tomorrow when this movie is released, someone could review it just saying the story isn’t solid. .

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