Clean sheet full of questions to Aryan Khan in drug case!

Shahrukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan, gets a clean bill in a drug case on a cruise ship in Mumbai. In the charge sheet filed by NCB in the NDPC court, the names of 6 people including Aryan Khan have been redacted. The NCB has said that the removal of Aryan Khan’s name from the charge sheet was done due to lack of evidence in this case. It is important to mention that due to the high visibility of the case, a SIT was formed to investigate it. It has been said on behalf of the SIT that the basis of the investigation has remained evidence and not suspicion. After getting a clean note from Aryan Khan, all sorts of speculation has started regarding former NCB investigating officer Sameer Wankhede in this case. But, the clean note given to Aryan Khan in the drug case is still in doubt. Let us know what those questions are?

Questions are also being raised about the clean note awarded to Shahrukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan, of NCB.

Why is there a clean tab full of questions?

Aryan Khan may have joined as a guest on the cruise from Mumbai to Goa. But, in the NCB raid, 6 grams of charas were recovered from the shoes of Arbaaz Merchant, Arbaaz Merchant, a friend of Aryan Khan. And it happened during that time. When Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchant went to the room reserved by the party planner. Obtaining 6 grams of charas with Arbaaz Merchant cannot be called a small thing. And, Aryan Khan knew nothing about it. This thing is not easy to accept. Because Aryan Khan had a very close friendship with Arbaaz Merchant, accused in the Mumbai cruise drug case. Several photos of the two partying with Munmun Dhamecha, another defendant in the Mumbai cruise drug case, went viral on social media.

The NCB team had recovered narcotics such as MDMA, cocaine, MD and charas during the raid on the cruise ship. Aryan Khan was called as a guest at this party. The rave party organizer had gathered most of the crowd on the cruise ship on behalf of Aryan Khan. Rave partying means someone who doesn’t do drugs will grab expensive cruise tickets just because they’ll get a chance to see Aryan Khan. When Aryan Khan found out that his close friend Arbaaz Merchant was also going to that party. So why did he go there? Wouldn’t Arbaaz Merchant know about his close friendship with Arbaaz Merchant about his drugs?

In the Mumbai cruise drug case, the NCB team confiscated the mobile phones of all the defendants. During the investigation of Aryan Khan’s mobile chat, it was revealed that he has been talking about drug abuse. NCB found a chat with Ananya Pandey in the Aryan Khan mobile phone investigation. In this chat, Aryan Khan was talking about ‘cocaine tomorrow’, setting up ganja with Ananya Pandey, buying drugs in bulk from Achit Kumar, and scaring his friends on behalf of NCB. At the same time, Mukul Rohatgi, his lawyer in this case, had said that ‘these chats are from 2018’. And they have nothing to do with the case. Isn’t it amazing that Aryan Khan talks about ordering and buying cocaine, ganja? He wouldn’t be using it. And if you didn’t use it, what did you do with it?

NCB has said in its charge sheet that Aryan Khan has been given the go-ahead due to lack of evidence. But, the SIT has not said what happened to the evidence of the NCB that speaks of various evidence such as WhatsApp chats and photos of Aryan Khan during the hearing of the drug case. On the grounds that Aryan Khan was being considered a major role in this drug case.

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