CM will not be in office after 26; Yeddyurappa resigns again

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  • Yeddyurappa said that the new directive from the central leadership will be issued on July 25 and will be fully implemented.
  • I will follow what JP Nadda decides, ”said Yeddyurappa.
  • Lingayat leaders across Karnataka protested in support of Yeddyurappa

Bangalore: The chances of a leadership change in Karnataka are increasing again. The Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa himself gave such clues.

BS Yeddyurappa has said that he will not continue as Chief Minister of Karnataka after July 26. Notably, the prominent leader’s resignation comes two years after the BJP came to power in Karnataka. He made it clear that he would accept his party’s suggestions.

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Yeddyurappa said that a new directive from the central leadership would be issued on July 25 and that it would be fully implemented.

An event is being organized on July 26 to mark the end of two years of our government. “After this (the BJP president) I will follow whatever JP Nadda decides,” Yeddyurappa said.

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You all know that I said two months ago that I would resign to make way for someone else. Whether I am in power or not, it is my duty to bring the BJP to power. “I urge you to cooperate with party workers and others,” he added. However, Yeddyurappa said that he had not been asked to resign.

Meanwhile, Lingayat leaders across Karnataka protested and declared their support for Yeddyurappa. Yeddyurappa is lobbying the central leadership by mobilizing the Lingayat community, the crucial vote bank in Karnataka. Lingayat leaders had organized protests in various places in support of Yeddyurappa. Lingayat leaders say that replacing Yeddyurappa will be a major setback for the BJP in 2023.

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